45+ Vegan No Cook Lunches For On The Go!

Searching for ready to eat vegan lunch ideas to take on the go, to school, or to work?

Many of you don’t have the option to heat up a lunch meal at school or work. Today’s recipes can be prepped without cooking and eaten on the go without heating.

Most of them don’t have to be cooked at all, some of them need to be cooked ahead of time but can be enjoyed cold.

If you really like to enjoy a warm meal you have the option of taking it in a large thermos food container. Just make sure it holds at least 2-3 cups so that you have enough space for a filling lunch.

The best meals to take in a thermos are one pot meals like soups, stews, and chilies. Simply cook the meal for dinner and make an extra serving. Heat it up in the morning, transfer to the thermos, and take it to go.

By lunchtime your meal will still be warm enough to enjoy. Don’t forget to take a spoon! Here are some great lunch ideas to take in a thermos:

45+ Vegan No Cook Lunches

Healthy vegan no cook lunched to go. From wraps and rolls to salads and sandwiches.

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