Lisa Goodwin is the creator of and author of Plant Powered Health. She earned her Master’s degree in Sports Education at the University of Saarland (Germany) where she received training (amongst other subjects) in:

  • Sports education
  • Descriptive and analytical statistics
  • Educational psychology
  • Sports medicine
  • Theories of science
  • Technical methodology
  • Educational and psychological diagnostics and interventions
  • Personal development

Additionally, she completed college courses and labs in:

  • General chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry

Furthermore, she earned her Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health (Allegra) through local community college and completed the Vegan Nutritionist Diploma (CPD) from the Centre of Excellence, UK.

Lisa uses her education to analyze and interpret nutrition research to then provide a practical approach for her audience. Her readers enjoy her well-planned easy vegan recipes and meal plans.

Additionally, Lisa’s work has been featured on many popular sites, including Women’s Health Magazine, and she worked with major brands like Sweet Earth (Nestlé)

Her latest work, Plant Powered Health, was published in March 2020 and endorsed by popular plant based doctors:

“The growth of the healthy eating movement depends on new and fresh voices stepping up and contributing. Lisa Goodwin has done that in this book and I am deeply grateful for the accurate and delicious manner in which she writes. It is a great resource for your health.” – Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, Author of The Plant Based Solution

“Lisa Goodwin’s Plant-Powered Health is a comprehensive guide to going vegan. From her delicious recipes to her well-thought out meal plans, you won’t want to put this book down! Grab your copy and get ready to feel like your healthiest self yet!” Neal Barnard, MD, FACC, Author of Your Body In Balance

Lisa’s Personal Story

Lisa grew up in Germany and moved to the United States in 2016 with her husband and son. After having her first child and moving to the US she gained some weight pretty quickly. So she started a portion control diet (21 day fix) and lost 10 pounds. Afterwards, Lisa struggled to keep her weight off and realized her lifestyle hasn’t changed.

The questions remained:

What is actually healthy AND good for weight loss? How can you balance meals and get great nutrition out of each meal? Which foods are harmful to health?

Lisa also struggled with chronic gastritis, adult hormonal acne, migraines, weak immune system, and general inflammation in the body.

Now, her family has been on a plant based diet for years. Lisa and her husband are healthier in their 30s than they were in their 20s. From reducing eczema, cholesterol, sluggishness, sick days, and migraines, to eliminating stomach aches, inflammation, and heartburn, their health has greatly improved. All this WHILE enjoying simple yet flavorful recipes every day.