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About Me

My name is Lisa Goodwin and I moved with my husband from Germany to the States in March 2016. I earned my sport, theology, and teaching degree back in Germany before we started a family. Today, I enjoy teaching you about healthy eating habits and fitness.

I love being a stay at home mom, which gives me the opportunity to reach people through my blog, providing a work-from-home income. I am blessed to stay home with my baby boy (and dogs) while at the same time helping others make their lives better, enjoying more and stressing less.

Why do I teach online?

I’ve always had a passion for fitness and I always had the gift of teaching, therefore I went to college and got my degree. I often see people struggling with unhealthy eating habits and fitness that will not produce desired results.

And I have BEEN THERE! Moving to the states where there are fast food restaurants on EVERY corner. It is just so convenient to drive-thru.

Being a mom and staying home where there is food available all day, emotional eating, eating out of boredom, cravings when it is that time in the month (TMI, haha).

Then there’s another misconception keeping you away from healthy eating; the idea that it is expensive. Eventually I was just not satisfied with gaining pounds, feeling tired and weak all the time.

How did I get there?

I educated myself on clean eating, created my own recipes and meal plans with simple ingredients that are balanced and healthy, and shopped at stores such as ALDI. This helped me realize healthy eating is not really expensive at all.

Then I got a workout strategy that fit my needs and I started to workout at home. I dropped 10 lbs. in only 30 days and feel better than ever. I know the struggle to get started. It is confusing choosing what diet plan to use, how to grocery shop, how to eat the rest of the day, how to workout, and so on.

Now I am here FOR YOU

That is why I am here for you, to help you with all these important decisions. I love creating simple meal plans, and motivating you to get into a fitness routine that suits your needs. I am here to motivate you and help you with any concerns or questions.

I have learned that eating clean and staying active can be done on a budget AND on a full schedule.

Be on the lookout for my emails to learn more about healthy meal plans, recipes, fitness routines, and free challenges.


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