40+ Oil Free Plant Based Dressings and Sauces

Want to make creamy dressings and sauces without using any oil?

You can use nut butters, tahini, cashews, and other options to create a creamy base for any oil free salad dressing or sauce.

If you want to reduce the use of oil in your diet, these healthy salad dressing recipes are perfect for your salad bowl, Buddha bowl, or any other meals. You will find anything from oil free plant based BBQ sauce and pesto to vegan Caesar dressing and ranch dressing.

Whenever you have leftovers or a variety of random foods at home, you can mix them in a bowl to create your own Buddha bowl. Then top it with your favorite dressing or sauce.

Sometimes you might find seasonal and local produce on sale or at a market and with some added beans, rice, and dressing, you can create your own poke bowl.

To create a balanced and nutritious bowl make sure half of the bowl is filled with vegetables, one quarter is filled with a plant based protein source (beans, chickpeas, lentils,…), and the the other quarter you can pick a grain that fits the meal. For more oil free, whole food plan based recipes, check out this oil free vegan meal planner I love using>>

If you like these dressing recipes, you might also like these easy vegan summer salads, and the whole food plant based beginner recipes.

Oil Free Plant Based Dressings and Sauces

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