10 Minute Morning Weight Loss Workout

This 10 minute morning workout is a great start in the day and can be an easy tool for weight loss.

The success of this challenge is probably based on the short workout time. Because it takes only 10 minutes per day, your motivation to stick with the exercise routine will be a lot higher.

How to do the 10 Minute Morning Weight Loss Workout

Please familiarize yourself with the routine first. If you are a beginner try to imitate every exercise according to the images first before you start the routine.

Start the exercise with 36 butt kicks then walk 25 steps in place. If you feel like it, also jog in place. Then do 36 high knees followed by walking. Work your way through the exercises until the end then repeat it all again. Finish with the stretches provided.

For Beginners

If you can’t complete all of the reps per exercise, simply do as many as you can then walk in place. You can shorten the exercise and prolong the walking time. With time you will see that your repetitions will increase and you will walk less during the breaks.

Also make sure not to use any weights for the beginning. You can start out by only doing one round at a time and another round later in the day.

Familiarize yourself with each exercise before you start the routine and take note of the modification you can use to make each exercise easier.

For Experienced

If the exercises are too simple for you, simply increase the amount of repetitions and decrease the amount of walking between exercises. Additionally, you can start holding small dumbbells to perform the weight loss routine.

10 Minute Morning Workout

This 10 minute morning workout routine for weight loss can be done right after waking up to start the day with a quick pick me up and it will get your metabolism up and running. You can also repeat this routine if you have more time. Do it again during lunch or in the evening!

Keep your metabolism running by doing small workout routines spread across your day. You will burn more calories throughout the day and gain energy, too.

The 10 minute morning exercise takes 9 minutes, which will give you one minute for stretching and cool down. There are 3 stretching exercises at the end of the post that you can follow after your workout.

All of these morning exercises for weight loss can be performed standing up. This provides a good workout for beginners or individuals with knee issues.

#1 Butt Kicks

Jump from one foot to another, lifting your heel to your butt. Beginners walk from one foot to another.

#2 High Knees

Jump from one foot to another raising your knee sideways up to your chest. You can also tap your knee in front of your chest with your hands. Beginners can walk from one foot to another raising the knee without the jump.

#3 Jumping Jacks

Jump to open and close your feet. Lift your arms above your head as shown in the images above. If you can’t jump, use one foot to open and tap the floor, then switch.

#4 Sumo Squat

Place feet wider than shoulders and twist your feet out. Sit down until legs form one line and push back up. Keep your back straight and chest up. You can leave your hands in front of your body. For beginners, don’t use dumbbells yet and try to sit as shown in the image.

#5 Standing Crunches

Hold your hands (with or without weights) in front of your chest. Lift knee sideways up and lean down towards that knee while pulling in the belly button. Switch sides.

#6 Lunges

Stand up straight (with or without weights in your hand). Lunge forward until your legs are bent about 90 degrees, then move back into a stand and switch sides.


Stretching after exercise is very important. Please make sure to go through these stretches carefully and also don’t forget to drink lots of water after working out.

Quadriceps Stretch

Side Lunge Stretch

Side Stretch

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