The Best Vegan Meal Planner

I have been using the Health my Lifestyle Vegan Meal Planner for years now, and here are the benefits, details, and my experience of using this tool.

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Key take aways

Save Time And Money: All recipes in the planner are super easy to prepare with simple ingredients.
Reduce guesswork: Over 200 breakfast options, 350+ dinner options, and more will guarantee an exciting eating experience!
Whole Foods Focus: Emphasizing whole food plant based ingredients ensures a nutritious, balanced diet.
Balanced Diet: Picking a variety of different whole food recipes will help eating a balanced diet, including eating enough protein.

Starting a plant based diet has transformed my health and the way I relate to food. Whole, plant based foods offer so many benefits while providing nutrients essential for optimal health.

I have discovered that integrating these foods into my daily routine supports my wellbeing, energy levels, and even has a positive impact on the environment.

Yet, for many, the challenge lies in managing this transition and maintaining a nourishing plant based diet amidst busy schedules.

Hundreds of whole food plant based main courses in the vegan meal planner

Why Choose a Plant Based Meal Planner?

This is where a vegan meal planner becomes indispensable. It simplifies the process by providing a curated selection of plant based vegan recipes that cater to different tastes and dietary needs.

With this tool, I’ve found it effortless to organize my meals for the week, ensuring each dish is balanced and nutritious. It removes the guesswork and time-consuming meal planning that often overwhelms beginners or busy individuals wanting to stick to a plant based diet.

By focusing on simple, easy meal plans that incorporate whole food ingredients, a plant based meal planner lays out a clear path from plan to plate.

It’s a resource that focuses on health without compromising on taste or variety—a guiding hand for anyone looking to nourish themselves with plant rich, vegan dishes.

Create your own meal plans with the drag and drop function in the meal planner

Simple and Easy Vegan Meal Planner

I love the vegan meal planner’s streamlined approach to recipe selection. With an expansive but well-organized array of plant based vegan recipes, I easily pick the perfect meals for my weekly plan.

Each recipe highlights the fresh, wholesome ingredients required, making it a breeze to decide what to cook based on what I have or what’s in season.

Adding favorites to my digital weekly meal plan requires nothing more than a few clicks. This integration simplifies meal planning and keeping my diet diverse and exciting.

Over 600 recipes and new ones added each month in this healthy vegan meal planner

A varied menu ensures I cover all nutritional bases and helps me avoid the monotony that often accompanies dietary routines.

You can also print each recipe and put it in a binder, if you find this easier.

Having a physical copy in hand is not only practical for some but also serves as a ready reference that can be used to jot down adjustments or notes for future uses.

My experience with the vegan meal planner

I’ve been using this vegan meal planner for years, and its impact on my life has been so helpful. It’s redefined the way I approach food, focusing on whole food plant-based ingredients that benefit both my body and the planet.

I’ve explored a vast array of plant based vegan recipes without falling into the monotony that so often accompanies healthy eating regimes.

Plant based snack recipes in the health my lifestyle meal planner

The recipes are so easy to make and save me time. The meals have become a true staple in my household.

One of the most significant benefits I’ve experienced is the simplicity of the meal plans! With just a few clicks, I can add recipes to my digital plan or print them out for easy kitchen reference.

This flexibility has been so important in maintaining a balanced and exciting diet. But beyond just meal prep, the planner’s automated shopping list feature has streamlined my grocery runs, ensuring I buy only what I need, helping me save money, and reducing food waste.

search options by time

I also that you can get very specific with your recipe search. You can search for cooking time, course, allergens, certain ingredients, and so much more!

search options by course. meal planner plant based

So, I invite you—you who’s looking for a sign to make that leap into a healthier lifestyle. Take that first step. Embrace the plant based diet with the help of this vegan meal planner. I promise, you’ll be amazed at how easy and delicious eating green can be.

Why the Health My Lifestyle Meal Planner?

Completely customizable: Unlike other meal planners, the Health My Lifestyle Meal Planner allows you to customize meal plans to your unique individual needs.

Drag n’ drop features: It takes seconds to put together a meal plan with its easy drag n’ drop functions.

Huge database of recipes: There are hundreds of delicious, healthy meal ideas for every occasion and taste preference. Even non-vegans enjoy the recipes!

Advanced search filters: You can easily find healthy meals perfect for you. The search feature allows you to filter by meal type, ingredient, cooking time, calories, and dietary preferences. No more spending hours searching for recipes!

Automated shopping lists: You can forget all the stress that comes with forgetting something at the store. Based on your meal plan, your grocery list will be automatically generated! It’s mobile friendly so you can check items off as you shop. You can even edit it and add items. No need for two shopping lists!

You will have access to my recipes as well! All my protein recipes are uploaded into the meal planner. So you can add them to your weekly meal plans and shopping list

Check out the meal planner here>>

What’s included in your Vegan Meal Planner subscription

>>600+ family-friendly recipes

More are added every month

>>Access to all past and current meal plans

A new pre-made meal plan is released weekly that you can customize to your needs

>>Unlimited personalized meal plans

Make as many meal plans as you want!

>>Scalable recipes in the vegan meal planner

Easily scale recipes up or down depending on how many you’re cooking for

>>Searchable recipes

Filter by meal type, ingredients, allergens, cook time, calories and kitchen equpiment

>>Imperial and Metric measurements

For both recipes and shopping lists

>>Automated shopping lists

Based off your meal plan selections

>>Available on any device

Desktop, tablet, or mobile

>>Bonus PDFs

Our best meal planning and healthy lifestyle tips to jumpstart your healthy eating journey

How it works

Get your plan

Sign up to get your plan over here. A new done-for-you meal plan becomes available every Friday. You can keep it as is or customize to your liking.


Drag and drop your favorite recipes into your meal plans from our growing database of 100% plant-based recipes. Scale servings to fit your family’s needs and swap out meals based on taste preferences and allergen intolerances including gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free options.

Don’t worry there are also video tutorials available.


Keep things organized with our automated smart shopping list, available on any device or print it off. Add extras—like dish soap—and check off items as you shop so you never forget an item.

Plant Based Meal Planner FAQ

What type of recipes are included?

Recipes are whole food, plant-based, meaning you won’t find processed mock meats and cheeses, oil, or refined table sugar in the ingredient list. We strive to include only easy-to-find ingredients no matter where you live.
You’ll find everything from simple snack ideas and quick throw-together meals, to more adventurous dishes with a wide range of flavors. Most recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less and are designed for meal prep.

Are the calories and macros included in the recipes?

Yes, every recipe comes with the nutrition information including calories, macros and some vitamin and mineral information. These are at the bottom of the recipe out of the way in case you prefer to not see them. The Meal Planner can also track daily totals if desired, by clicking on the Nutrition icon in the Planner.

Do I have to meal prep these recipes?

Most of the recipes included are designed for meal prep but it’s not necessary to prepare them in advance. Many members use the Meal Planner for regular meals throughout the week without prepping ahead. It’s completely up to you!

What meals are included in the weekly meal plan?

The weekly meal plans include breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Monday-Sunday. These are completely customizable with the option to move meals around, swap out meals, and add snacks and desserts. You can decide what to cook (or not to cook) and remove meals if you know you’ll have an event and won’t need to cook for that day/meal.

Do I have to wait until Friday to get my first weekly meal plan?

Not at all! Upon signup you gain access to everything including past meal plans and the current weekly meal plan. Once logged in, click on “Pre-Made Plans” to see all weekly meal plans or go to “Planner” to start building your own meal plan.

I have some allergies and dietary restrictions. Will this meal planner work for me?

We’ve made sure that recipes come with recommendations for alternatives to use in these instances when possible. We have options for gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free. These allergens are clearly marked in the recipes with an asterisk (*) and recommended alternatives provided when suitable.
If you have any concerns about dietary restrictions and would like more information, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Will I have to spend a lot on groceries?

No! We make sure to provide recipes with wholesome and simple ingredients to keep grocery bills low.
Our members report saving on average $50 per week on groceries when they use the planner regularly. We’re confident that you’ll get the money spent on our meal planner back (and then some) while enjoying delicious and nutritious stress-free meals.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. Simply navigate to your Account and select ‘Cancel’ under Subscriptions. You will continue to have access until your subscription expires.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, as a small business we cannot offer refunds at this time. Upon sign up you gain immediate access to our database of hundreds of plant-based recipes that is essentially an ad-free digital cookbook. It has something for everyone but if you would like to see the type of recipes included before signing up, please check out the free recipes available on our website.

The best vegan meal planner with over 600 healthy plant based recipes

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