Infused Water for Weight Loss {That You Can Make In 3 Minutes}

Drinking enough water is essential for a healthy body. But I understand that many people have a hard time drinking enough water. If you are used to drinking sweet drinks, water can seem boring or unsatisfying.

Today, I would like to share super quick and simple infused water recipes and look at the science of infused water related to weight loss benefits.

Does infused water help you lose weight?

In this study, the participants were split into two groups. The first group ate a calorie deficit diet, the second group ate the exact same diet but added water consumption (500 ml) before each meal. The group with the additional water intake had a 44% greater weight loss over the 12 weeks.

It concludes that increased water intake in general can help you lose more weight as it makes you feel more full. But it’s worth mentioning that both groups were put on a calorie deficit diet.

Which detox water is best for weight loss?

There is no real difference between simple water and infused water when it comes to fat loss.

When you add fruits, veggies, and herbs to water and let it sit for a while the ingredients start to release some of their color and flavor into the water. The infusion makes the water much more exciting and gives you a wellness feeling. But the added fruits and herbs will not release many vitamins, minerals, or metabolism boosting ingredients (like fiber). Therefore, the added ingredients are not the key for improved weight loss.

The reason why these infused water options help with weight loss is because they motivate you to drink more water and boost your water consumption. When you make these wellness blends you are more likely to drink it as they are flavorful, exciting, and refreshing. And as we saw in the study, increased water intake, especially before your meals, will help with weight loss. And with less food intake you might enjoy reaching your goal of a flat belly faster!

How to make infused water for weight loss

The joy of making infused water for weight loss is that you can keep it simple and make the mix within just a few minutes. Here are the instructions:

  1. Fill a pitcher with cold, filtered water. You can also add ice.
  2. Wash and slice the fruits and veggies and wash the fresh herbs.
  3. Then add one of the blend mixes of fruits and herbs into the water. You can use a specific infuser bottle like this one, but you can also throw them loosely into a pitcher.
  4.  Let the water sit for at least 30 minutes before you pour your first glass. The longer the water sits in your fridge the more saturated and flavorful it will get.
  5. You can re-fill the pitcher one more time, leaving the plant mix. The second fill might take longer to infuse and might not get as strong, but it is a good idea to use the fruits and herbs a second time.
  6. You can also eat the fruits after the pitcher is empty if you like.

If you want to make an infused weight loss water to go, simply use an infuser bottle.

Simple detox water blends

You can be creative and make your own fruit mix or fruit-herb blend. To give you some inspiration, view the options below. You can easily switch out the produce or the herbs. You can also use fruit only, or herb only. There is no limit to your options. Personally, I love to use fresh mint leaves with sweet fruits, and fresh basil leaves with citrus fruits.

9 Infused water recipes for weight loss. Use this chart to find your perfect blend of fruits and herbs for a refreshing summer drink!

#1 Mint – Blueberry – Strawberry

#2 Cucumber – Lemon – Mint

#3 Grapefruit – Rosemary

#4 Green Apple – Kiwi – Ginger

#5 Lavender – Lime

#6 Melon – Mint

#7 Lemon – Lime – Mint (Mojito)

#8 Orange – Basil

#9 Peach – Basil


9 Infused water recipes for weight loss. Click through to get all infused water recipes and enjoy all the benefits.