10 Minute Love Handle Workout

The 10 minute love handle workout can be done in the comfort of your own home, during travel, or in the gym. It is great for beginners, but can also be adjusted to more intense levels.

It is great for women and men who want to tone their obliques and burn fat.

These exercises target your love handles and can be done without equipment. All you need is a towel or yoga mat to do the floor exercises.

Doing this 10-minute workout can save you time. There is no need for a commute to your local gym. Simply jump in your workout clothes and get your 10 minute routine done.

If you have more time, repeat the sets of the love handle workout below and create a 20 or 30 minute workout!

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How to adjust the love handle workout for your fitness level

This oblique exercise routine is based on interval training. Do each exercise for 30 seconds, then pause 30 seconds.

If that is too hard, exercise for 20 seconds and pause for 40. If it is too easy, exercise for 40 seconds and pause for 20 seconds.

With time you’ll be able to do each exercise for 1 minute! I suggest writing down your exercise and pause time so you can increase intensity for more fat loss.

10 minute love handle workout

Before you get started with this 10 minute love handle workout, be sure to warm up and drink plenty of water. Don’t forget to stretch after.

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#1 Windshield Wipers

Lie on your back and stretch your arms to the side. Pull in your legs by making a 90 degree angle with your legs. Then rock them side to side like a windshield wiper making sure not to lift the shoulders off the floor.

Do this exercise slowly and make sure you lift your legs through your obliques and not so much with the help of your arms. Go as low as you can on each side.

Do this exercise 30 seconds, pause for 30 and repeat again. Change interval intensity as needed.

#2 Russian Twist

Sit on the floor in a V position keeping your knees bent. Move your fists together in front of your belly, then move them together hip to hip. Try to move them as far to the side and down next to your hip as possible.

If this is too easy, lean back further. If it is too hard, sit up higher.

Do this exercise 30 seconds, pause for 30 and repeat again. Change interval intensity as needed.

#3 Bicycle Crunches

Lie on the floor and place your hand behind your head. Open up your elbows and move the left elbow towards the right knee while twisting your core. Lift the leg in a 90 degree angle towards your elbow.

Move back into the starting position then switch sides. Don’t pull on your head and be sure to keep your elbows open. You are not supposed to see your elbow in front of you.

Do this exercise 30 seconds, pause for 30 and repeat again. Change interval intensity as needed.

#4 Side Plank (With Leg Raise)

Lie on your side, legs extended, and elbow placed under your shoulder on the floor (hand points forward). Make sure your body is in a straight line. You can stack your feet on top of each other or in front.

Then lift your hips off the floor, making a straight line and pull your belly button in. Hold this position without sagging and be sure to breathe regularly.

Do this exercise 30 seconds, pause for 30 and repeat again. Then switch sides and do two intervals. Change interval intensity as needed. 

To increase intensity lift the upper leg like in the image below!

Love handle workout at home for beginners, men, and women. Without equipment or weights. Perfect quick oblique exercises for any level.

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