25+ Whole Food Plant Based Recipes for Beginners

Whether you have just started the vegan diet or have been vegan for a while, you might be confused about the difference of “vegan,” “plant based,” and “whole food plant based.”

Some people like to go vegan while others go all whole food plant based. Today, I will explain the difference and provide you with super easy whole food plant based recipes for beginners.

Vegan vs. Plant Based vs. Whole Food Plant Based

Vegan means that you avoid everything derived from animals, just like plant based. But you also avoid leather and watch your beauty products for the label “cruelty free.” Eating vegan can include processed snacks like Oreos.

Plant based means you focus mostly on eating plants, but you may not be so focused on the vegan aspect outside of diet. Plant based also includes processed foods like plant based burgers.

The whole food plant based diet is a fully vegan or plant based diet with a focus on whole foods. This means you leave all processed foods out of your diet. Processed foods are vegan junk foods like fries, cookies, vegan burgers, oils, sugar, and so on.

So what should you choose?

If your goal is to get health issues under control, the whole food plant based diet is a great option. Whole plant foods can reduce inflammation in your body, they are good for the heart, and you are less likely to over eat.

A whole food plant based diet is lower in calories for the same volume of food compared to a standard western diet. This is extremely beneficial for weight loss.

Today’s easy whole food plant based recipes don’t contain any processed foods. And because I want to make your life not only healthy but also easy, all whole plant based recipes can be prepped in 30 minutes or less.

25+ Whole Food Plant Based Recipes for Beginners

All whole food plant based recipes for beginners are ready in under 30 minutes. Some breakfast, smoothie, and snack options only take 5 or 10 minutes. Make sure to use whole wheat pasta and brown rice for the dinner recipes. All meals don't contain added oil or sugar.

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