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7 Steps to a Viral Pin (Pinterest Marketing)

Have you ever wondered what it means to get a viral pin, and if you would be able to create a viral pin that brings thousands of new readers to your blog?

Is it even worth trying?

I describe my pins as viral if I see that blogpost rank within my top 3 posts in just a few days. And there is definitely a strategy to get there!

After 2 years of blogging and testing Pinterest strategies I found multiple steps that help to make a pin go viral. As a matter of fact, when I published this Aldi post it ranked in the top row on Pinterest and within my top 3 posts just after 2 days of publishing.

Today I would like to share these proven strategies to get your pin to go viral. You can ask questions in the comments below the post.

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#1 Get the right blog post idea

Your viral pin strategy needs to start with the right blog post idea. Some blog posts do well, others don’t do well at all, and some go viral.

I use multiple approaches to find good content ideas with the greatest chance to go viral. First, I look into my own stats to see which posts and pins get the most pageviews. You can check that in wordpress stats, Google analytics, and Pinterest analytics.

Then, I check the competition (bloggers in the same niche) and see what they publish and what content does well for them (some of their posts share the number of re-pins).

I then head into Pinterest and search for my blog post idea. Let’s say my top performing posts are meal plans. I would search for meal plans on Pinterest to see what is searched most often and what other high ranking authors have published so far.

As you can see, a meal plan on a budget would be a good idea. And if you could include printables, even better! Another idea I get from this search is a meal prep post with meal prep container images. I actually did that and it has been my top ranking post for months now with over 24k shares!

In the image above you can see which posts rank high on my blog. I researched the best title with the Pinterest search described above for each of those posts.

#2 Create stunning Pinterest images

Once you craft your blog post according to your SEO search, it is time to include images that appeal to your readers. To be honest with you, my meal prep post doesn’t have the best food images. The pictures have terrible lighting, but yet its my best performing pin. This is because the post is very informative and I wrote a post that people are searching for (good SEO).

Now, it is still important to write good titles and create high quality images. I use canva to create my images for free and for Pinterest I use size 800×1200. You can check my Best Of board to see how my pins look. My fonts are big, easily readable, and bright. Also read my canva tutorial here, to learn how to use the program.

I use 123rf.com to get stock photos for a lower price. You can always check other bloggers in your niche and see what type of pin style works for them. Don’t forget to grab the viral pin checklist and video tutorial below!

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#3 Write seasonal posts

Seasonal posts higher the chances for a viral pin and to bring you tons of traffic (for a season). To use this strategy to its full potential, craft a seasonal post 2 months ahead of time. That way you can give the pin some time to get engagement and then it has a greater chance of going viral in it’s prime season. Remember how my meal plans rank highest? So the best thing I could do now is create a fall meal plan. You can target your audience even further, as I also made my fall meal plan a weight loss meal plan.

That post started to get traction in September, had a high in October and November, and was still giving me lots of traffic in January. Seasonal posts work great for pins going viral, but the views typically last for just that season.

#4 Join Group Boards

Group boards are a great way to get your content in front of a new audience. It is important to pick quality over quantity group boards. If you choose boards with a low re-pin rate that only serve as a dumping ground for pins, you will most likely harm your pins more than do good. I explain everything you need to know about group boards in my Pinterest Legacy course.

#5 Promote your Pins

Along with group boards, you can promote your pins in Facebook groups, on Tailwind tribes, or you can pay Pinterest for ads.

If you join Facebook groups to swap pins, make sure they are all in the same niche so you don’t have to re-pin content that doesn’t even fit in any of your boards.

Tailwind tribes is similar to group boards, just not on Pinterest. You can add a pin to the tribe when you schedule your pins and in return re-pin someone else’s pin. In the tribe setting you can search for a tribe that fits your niche. If you haven’t tried Tailwind yet, you can test it for free.

#6 Automate Pins

This is very important to make your pin go viral! With Tailwind, you can create a smart schedule (best times to pin) and automate your pinning strategy. Of course you can pin manually with success, but you will save time for better use creating content and images if you automate.

The best part of Tailwind is their analytics. You can view which boards and pins perform best and then schedule your best pins into your best boards more often, or delete boards that are not good for your engagement. This tool will also give you an idea of what content to focus on for future blogposts.

Try Tailwind for free>>

#7 Create Multiple, New Pin Images

If your pin loses it’s virality, you can create a fresh pin image with a new title, new description, and new hashtags. Pinterest loves fresh content and changing any of these will create fresh content even though it leads to the same post. Of course you can also update the post as well. Your pin could go viral for the first time or again just by updating older posts.

I also like to create multiple images before I publish the post. Once the blog post is up I save one to my Best Of board and then further out I schedule the other pins to my boards. That way I add fresh content in the future without any additional work.

Creating multiple images also helps you test styles, fonts, and titles. Then you’ll find what works and apply the best practice for a viral pin image.


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FREE Viral Pin Checklist + Video Tutorial


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