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15+ Vegan Healthy Snacks for Busy People

Healthy Vegan Snacks for Busy People. Easy healthy snacks on-the-go for weight loss, clean eating, and ready in under 10 minutes. No cooking or baking required.

Are you searching for healthy snacks that you can fix in under 10 minutes without any cooking or baking?

Often, we crave something sweet or full of flavor, but we don’t want to bake or cook again. If you like to snack but want to keep the snacks healthier, you are in the right place today.

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Of course, if you overdo it with snacks it can end up not being healthy anymore. So please keep in mind the amount of snacking you choose each day. Don’t consume over 25g of added sugar per day (table sugar, syrups, coconut sugar…).

Some healthy snack recipes contain sugar which is not bad if you only eat small amounts. These vegan healthy snacks contain fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, and they provide a clean eating option without any fillers and unnecessary ingredients.

Below you will find some energy bites and cookie recipes that are vegan and no bake. Also, you will find some green smoothies which help curb your cravings and are a great to-go option.

Healthy Vegan Snacks for Busy People. Easy healthy snacks on-the-go for weight loss, clean eating, and ready in under 10 minutes. No cooking or baking required.

I always like to keep it simple and snack on fruits and veggies. You can buy hummus dips to spice it up, but I also have some vegan fruit and veggie dips listed below that you can whip up in under 10 minutes.

If you end up running short on time you can always order vegan healthy snacks online and get them shipped to your house. Some choices are even fortified or filled with protein, omega 3, fiber, and other healthy ingredients. Check the list below for more info.

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Vegan Healthy Snacks

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#1 Easy Energy Balls

Easy vegan energy balls recipe that are high in protein and fiber, oil free, and gluten free. Get the recipe here.

#2 Energy Brownie Bites

No bake energy brownie bites by jessicainthekitchen.com. Get the recipe here.

#3 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Only 4 ingredients and no baking: Chewy oatmeal raisin cookies by beaming baker.

#4 Fruit Chocolate Kebabs

This is a recipe from the Vegan Quick Start Guide. You can simply chop some fruits, stick them on a skewer, melt vegan chocolate in the microwave, and drizzle it all over the fruits.


#5 Fruit Dips

Try this super easy, 3-ingredient chocolate dip, dip your fruits in this fresh and creamy whipped fruit dip, or cover them with this 5-ingredient caramel sauce.

#6 Quick Veggie Dips

Veggies are the best vegan healthy snack out there (or non-vegan) and you can spice it up with some quick and delicious dips.

#7 Healthy Green Smoothies

There are many benefits to drinking smoothies, including the power to stop cravings. The smoothies below are without any powder.

Want to boost your health and immunity? Try this Pineapple-Orange-Carrot Green Smoothie Recipe full with vitamins, minerals and fiber. This green smoothie recipe contains 5 servings of fruit and vegetables. This smoothie recipe provides all vitamins you will need for the day. It also fills your stomach and makes a great meal replacement smoothie to help lose weight.

You can freeze them in popsicle molds to make healthy ice pops for your kids.

#8 Banana Sushi

Related: Healthy vegan pumpkin donuts (gluten free, low sugar)

Vegan Healthy Snacks You Can Buy

Homemade snacks are always healthier but sometimes it is just easier to buy healthy snacks. Here are some vegan healthy snack ideas you can get online and have shipped to your house.

Mamma Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack. A mix of organic fruits, veggies, and chia seeds. This snack is rich in fiber, protein, omega-3, and antioxidants.

If you are into chips and popcorn, try Vegan Rob’s Snacks. They are packed with delicious flavours.

Organic Chickpea Puffs. Also try the Happenin Hickory Flavor.

Split Pea Baked Falafel Chips.  Gluten free, high protein, low carb.

If you can’t let go Nutella, you might want to check out this vegan version, which also contains chia and flaxseed.

These Chocolate Chip Chia Crunchy Bars are high in Omega-3 and VERY BUDGET FRIENDLY.

Are you missing your M&M’s on a vegan diet? Check out these Chocolate Peanut Gems.People love the protein bars by Vega. They are high in protein and gluten free.

And if you want to go all out, try this healthy vegan snack care package.

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