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The Ultimate Fitness Gift Guide 2017 (for every budget)

Ultimate Fitness Gift Guide 2017: A universal gift guide for any fitness lover, any budget, and any season. 

Are you searching for a trendy fitness related gift that meets your budget?

Today I have the ultimate fitness gift guide 2017 for him or her. I am a fitness lover myself and would be excited about any of these quality products listed below (I own quite a bit of them already).

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Ultimate Fitness Gift Guide 2017: A universal gift guide for any fitness lover, any budget, and any season. Fitness gift ideas for your health, for christmas, or birthdays. A fun gift guide with fitness product ideas.

These 10 fitness gifts are in order from budget friendly to expensive. No matter your budget, you can find the perfect fitness gift below!

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Ultimate Fitness Gift Guide 2017

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#1 Motivational Water Bottle

Anybody will love this gift. Most people don’t drink enough water. To stay on top of water intake these motivational water bottles will help track water consumption by time.

#2 Supplements

Most fitness lovers take some kind of supplements. Vitamins, minerals, magnesium to relax the muscles, electrolytes to balance hydration, protein powder to build muscle, and so on. They can be expensive over time which makes this contribution from you a great gift for him or her.

#3 Sport Armband for the Phone

This universal sport armband will hold your phone steady during running and working out. You can even put your keys into it.

#4 Weights

Depending of the weights the person already owns, you can always add more weights to the set or upgrade old ones.

#5 Motivational Fitness Shirt

You can never go wrong with one of these fun fitness shirts (men and woman).

#6 Massage Items

Help relax sore muscles after a workout with a massager or massing oil. Below are some favorite massage gift ideas.

#7 Fun Exercise Card Game

There are two super fun exercise games every fitness enthusiast will love. The first one is played with dumbbells and the second one is a HIIT (cardio) workout game. 

#8 Blender

Every fitness lover uses a blender. This powerful 900 watt nutri ninja will blend almost anything and is a great choice if you are searching for a quality budget-friendly blender.


#9 Training Kit To Go

With this super light to-go training kit you can workout indoors, outdoors, and during travel to burn fat and build muscle. You can adjust the workout to your needs. Great gift idea for busy fitness lovers.

#10 Fitness Tracker

Most fitness enthusiasts might already own a fitness tracker like this one. Fitness trackers are a great addition for a successful fitness routine. Another great gift idea is to get fancy accessories for the fitness tracker.


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