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How to get Traffic to your New Blog

After starting a blog you might work on installing plugins and publishing your first posts. Then you wonder:

What now? How do I get people to read it?

The answer: Social media and Google!

How to get traffic to your new blog

Below, you will find an overview showing how to get pageviews with Google and Social Media. I will also share my experience and describe what works best and what is a waste of time.

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Get traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is a powerful tool to gain a lot of traffic. I get thousands of new readers daily straight from Pinterest and my advice is to focus on Pinterest marketing first! From the beginning of my blogging career this was my number one traffic source by far, and today Pinterest is the reason I make over $1k per month.

Pinterest is actually a search engine similar to Google. That means your content stays on there and depending on popularity your pin will move closer to the top when a reader searches for it. Once it ranks high on searches you will get lots of pageviews from that pin.

There are strategies you can follow to make sure your pin has the potential to go viral. I have a free video tutorial with checklist for that below.

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Traffic from Twitter

In general, if you follow and retweet other people, they are most often re-tweeting and following you back. This generates traffic to your site and you can focus your interaction on Twitter with people from the same niche. Some bloggers have a good experience with Twitter and others don’t. I tried some strategies but it didn’t bring me desired results.

Facebook and pageviews

You can create a Facebook fan page where you post your newest posts, other tips, or funny memes regarding your topic and ask questions or interact with your audience. To gain more likes and shares you can post a variety of posts from other sources as well. Save some top bloggers related to your niche and re-post their updates to your Facebook page.

You can increase the engagement by asking questions or adding memes. Brittany Ann went from 2,000 to 100,000 Facebook fans in only 5 months! She is sharing her strategy in the eBook “Strategies Worth Sharing”.

I tried these strategies, but it wasn’t working much for me. I also do believe that Facebook has changed. Everytime I post I don’t get any likes and maybe about 3 click-throughs. Facebook doesn’t show my posts in real time on my followers feed which prevents spam, but it also kind of forces me to pay ads in order to make Facebook work for me.

In the future I will invest in Facebook ads because I think it will help me grow my email list. Also: Don’t ever boost your post for $3! It won’t do much for you.

Getting traffic from Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform to build trust with your followers and be more personal (like Youtube). Everytime I post on Instagram with a call to action (to head over to my site to check out the blog post), I see some traffic from Instagram. So IG is a platform where I engage with my audience on a personal level rather than for strictly getting traffic.

People watch my story everyday, they like to see what I do, they answer my questions in the story, and therefore I build trust with them. So whenever I ask them to subscribe, head over, or purchase, they are more willing to do so.

Once you hit 10,000 followers you have the swipe up option where you can send your readers straight to your blogpost or landing page. And this will definitely give you pageviews.

Another way to make money with Instagram is to connect with brands and get paid to share posts about their products. You can simply contact them! What they look for is an engaged account. That means regular posting, quality images, likes, and comments. I took 2 IG courses to learn how to grow my followers and engagement. The first one is Get Instagram Famous and the other one is Instamazing: Passion and Profits.

Organic traffic from Google

You can also get a large amount of traffic from Google, but it takes longer to get there. Once you rank high on Google you will have consistent traffic. I would learn about Google SEO from the start and keep working on that strategy to set up your blog to be successful in the long run.

I can highly recommend Alex’s course on Google SEO. He makes it very simple to follow and I see more traffic from Google each month PLUS his course goes on sale every so often for under $15!! So definitely keep an eye out.

What has worked for me?

After testing Twitter and Facebook, it was quite clear that they were not effective for me. I think you can get a lot of traffic from Facebook if you install paid ads, but this is nothing I would suggest doing if you are new to blogging.

I know bloggers that generate a massive amount of traffic from Facebook or Twitter, but in my opinion the easiest way to get traffic quickly is through Pinterest and to get traffic in the long run through focusing on Google SEO from the start.

I get most of my traffic from Pinterest and while I write blog posts I try to implement Google SEO strategies. With time I can see an increase in pageviews from Google also. If you are interested in learning my Pinterest strategies check out my course here.

How often should I post on social media?

Here is what research says:

5 Pins a day, 3 Tweets, 3 Google Plus, 2 Facebook posts, Instagram 1.5 times per day (Source)

It also depends on how many followers and how many blog posts you have. If you just started out you might want to begin by posting less often than what is mentioned above.

Social media like Pinterest and Facebook have a smart feed, that means your post won’t show to all your followers right when you post it. This is good, because it prevents spam (Even if you post a lot, it won’t overfill your followers feed).

If you have any questions you can write them in the comments below! Follow me on Pinterest for more updates like this.


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I have taken many courses and read many books. Below are the ones I highly recommend. These resources have significantly helped me grow my business.

Pinterest Legacy: A Pinterest tutorial where you will learn the same strategies I used to reach 70K-90K pageviews a month with the power of Pinterest. That traffic generated over $1,000 per month by only working 15 hours from home.

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Google SEO strategies: This course goes on sale regularly, sometimes for under $15. It covers everything you need to know about Google SEO. You will learn how to set up proper keyword research, how to find the right long tail keywords, how to include them in your post, and many more tips to rank on Google. Since taking the course I have seen an increase in pageviews from Google.

Cracking the Code of the Amazon Associate’s Program: If you have a brand new blog and want to start monetizing, the Amazon Associate’s program is the easiest and best way to start. Amazon carries so many products which makes it easy to find the fitting products for your blog post. There are some rules to follow and many tips to generate an income. Ashli is making thousands of dollars each month through Amazon and she shares all of her tips and tutorials in her budget friendly eBook.


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