20+ Ultimate Tabata Workout Ideas to Transform Your Fitness

Here are the best Tabata Workout to save time, burn fat, improve cardiovascular health, and get rid of stress.

Look through these Tabata workout ideas and find the perfect fit for you OR build your own Tabata challenge and workout plan!

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Tabata Superset by Popsugar.com

Rather than doing one exercise for four minutes, you alternate between two complementary moves for a total of eight minutes. This modification gives your working muscles a bit more rest time between sets, which translates into better form for all your reps during each round of Tabata.

Full Body Tabata Workout by BistroMD.com

This short Tabata workout does the trick to tone your arms, legs and core! All the moves are bodyweight focused so you don’t need any equipment – just a timer and a mat!

4-Minute Abs Tabata by 2sharemyjoy.com

4 minute abs Tabata 20/10

At Home Tabata Cardio Workout by garagegymreviews.com

For each round, conduct each exercise for 20 seconds at full intensity, with a strict 10-second break in between. The round should consist of eight full-intensity intervals with eight 10-second recovery periods. 

Rest for one to two minutes between rounds; remember with Tabata, the shorter the rest, the better the workout. Head over for the timer.

4 Tabata Circuits by pbfinger.com

No Equipment 4 Min Arm Tabata by 2sharemyjoy.com

arm tabata

Efficient and Explosive Tabata by ereplacementparts.com

Everyone has a different goal in mind when they commit to a fitness plan, and with hard work and dedication most exercise programs will produce results.

But what happens if you can’t carve out 60 minutes a day to get your sweat on or you find it hard to stick to a specific fitness plan? Whether you need a quick burn or want to shake up your routine, Tabata training will deliver.

Take it Anywhere 20 Min Tabata by tararochfordnutrition.com

4-Minute Strength Push Up Tabata by knicholastraining.com

20 Minutes Full Body Tabata by womenshealthmag.com

20 Minutes Full Body Tabata by womenshealthmag.com

32 Min Full Body Burn Tabata by heandsheeatclean.com

full body burn tabata

5-Minute Tabata Workout For Women by spotebi.com

The Tabata training approach calls for 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.

This high-intensity type of training is fun, boredom-proof and helps you burn more fat in less time. Try our 5-minute full body Tabata workout to get the body you want in just minutes a day!

2 Circuits Leg Tabata 4 Minutes by 2sharemyjoy.com

leg tabata no equipment 4 minutes

Bodyweight 30-Minute Tabata by ambitiouskitchen.com

10 Minute Legs and Abs Tabata by HIITacademy.com

Bust your body today with this body busting Tabata workout. It attacks your legs and abs with a nice cardio touch. Its under ten minutes so no excuses!

Total Body Strength Tabata Workout with Dumbbells by lifeinleggings.com

12-Minute Bodyweight Tabata Workout Series: Lower Body (Legs & Glutes) by pumpsandiron.com

Triple 12 Minute Bodyweight Tabata Workout by carrotsncake.com

20 Minute Lower Body Toning Tabata by runninforsweets.com

Squat Tabata Routine by coachdebbieruns.com

20-Minute Dumbbells Tabata Workout by womenshealthmag.com

20-Minute Full Body Tabata With Weights by hiitweekly.com

Cardio Killer Tabata Workout by femmefitalefitclub.com

30-Minute Bodyweight Tabata Workout (No Equipment) by nourishmovelove.com

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