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Disclosure: There are some affiliated links on this page. I only recommend products and services that I have used and reviewed.


Beachbody: Beachbody is a company providing fitness and workout DVDs. They have quite a selection of different workout programs and you can do them at home. This makes working out very motivating and easy. My favorites are HIP HOP ABS, TURBO FIRE, ROCKING BODY and INSANITY. With this mixture of workouts I recently lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks.


Fitbit: The Fitbit helped me lose 10 pounds by tracking fitness measurements and providing fitness goals. You see how many calories you burn during the day and how many you should eat. It also tracks water intake, sleep, steps, and much more. It drives motivation to keep you going and gives clear direction where you should invest most to lose weight.


Smoothies: Along with a good workout to get fit and healthy you also need good nutrition. Smoothies are a great way to add vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, and more to your diet. This smoothie recipe book offers a great variety of 150 recipes that are ordered by categories like weight loss, protein boosts, kid friendly, anti-aging, green smoothies, high energy, diabetic, and many more.


Electrolytes:  If you work out regularly and lose a lot of water, electrolytes can help you stay hydrated. Due to physical work and exercise you lose hydration and minerals. The Fruit Punch Electrolyte adds a nice taste to your water, helps prevent dehydration and heat stress, and refills all the lost minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The bag with 80 servings goes a long way and there are no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives added.


Protein Powder: I recommend adding protein powder to your diet if you work out regularly, if you feel tired often, or if you have cravings/feel hungry all the time. I love the Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder in Chocolate because it is affordable and tastes really good. You can mix the powder with milk and avocado or banana. I drink this chocolate protein shake daily to feel energized and to stop cravings.


Pots and Pans: For all recipes on my page I use the pots and pans from the Cuisinart Stainless 14-Piece Cookware Set. The set includes everything you will ever need to prepare great family dinners. It comes with all fitting lids and is made out of stainless steel. This is one of the few healthy materials to cook with and it’s super easy to clean.


Hand Blender: A hand blender is a multi-tool in your kitchen. There are so many recipes to use a hand blender. I use the Cuisinart Smart Stick because it is budget friendly yet great quality and easy to clean. Make smoothies, soups, gravy, dough, baby food, ice cream and more!


Nutri Ninja: The Nutri Ninja is an upgrade and a more professional tool than the hand blender. You can break down whole foods, vegetables, ice, and seeds since it has a 1000 watt motor. Making smoothies with the Ninja is super quick to operate and easy to clean up. I love that I can just throw carrots or ice into it and there is no problem. This blender comes with to-go cups and a little recipe booklet. You can get more smoothie recipes HERE.



$5 Meal Plan: You can test the $5 meal plan for free and it will send an email providing you a weekly meal plan with budget friendly recipes for each day (4 servings). This is a great way to save time on meal planning and money on groceries. You can read my full review of this meal plan, which includes some recipes I tested for you. The recipes are very easy and quick and cost under $2 a plate.


Siteground: Hosting or starting your blog with Siteground is the best decision you can make. Since switching from Bluehost to Siteground I have had zero downtime and I also improved my blog’s loading time. You can set up your own money-making blog in under 10 minutes with this tutorial.

Convertkit: This email program is a very developed and thought out tool that every blogger needs. Their team offers a lot of webinars where you can learn how to get your first 100 subscribers or reach 1000 subscribers. They also offer a free eBook on email marketing. The reason why you can collect more subscribers is the opportunity to offer email courses and other freebies that can simply be attached to the incentive email. Plus, with Convertkit you can sort your subscribers by interest which gives them a better experience and it gives you a lower unsubscribe rate.


BoardBooster: This pinning program helped me earn my initial blogging income and today it saves me time, brings in a lot of traffic from Pinterest, and ultimately produces more blogging income. You can try BoardBooster free for 1 month and if you’re still unsure read my full BoardBooster review.

iMark: I highly recommend Grayson Bell for any WordPress or any technical related issues with your blog. I hired him to switch my webpage to HTTPS and also to get my blog load faster. He brought my page from 9.4 to 2.9 seconds loading time and as a result my pageviews and blogging income increased. His prices are very reasonable and affordable.

Social Warfare:  Best social sharing plug-in I have tested so far. It includes all the social sharing buttons, is customizable, contains the Pinterest hover button and twitter cards. It is the best tool to get social shares and re-pins with only installing one plug-in.


Whether you just started blogging or you are an experienced blogger, it is important to continuously educate yourself. There will always be innovations and areas of your blog to improve. I think this process will never stop and therefore I am listing the books and classes that boosted my blogging game and really helped me to move forward. These books and classes are all reviewed and have helped me tremendously.