Plant Based Diet Recommendations

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Plant Based Cooking

You can find good plant based recipes on the internet and in cookbooks. I usually go to the library to get some cookbooks and new recipe ideas. The kindle download is also a great option to download books. In the list below you will find some great cookbooks to start.

Plant Based Cookbook by Forks over Knifes

Forks over Knives Cookbook with over 300 plant based whole food recipes.

Plant Based Cookbook by Dr. Meal Barnard

Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook with 125 recipes.

There are some spices, food items, and other kitchen gadget that I use regularly when cooking on a vegan diet. They help create delicious recipes and are healthy additions to a whole food plant based diet.

Food Processor

With a food processor you can make dough out of brown rice or quinoa, delicious dressings with avocados and nuts, sauces for spaghetti and much more. A great way to include fiber and protein into your diet without using much oil.


With a spiralizer you can spiralize any vegetables and use them as topping for your buddha bowls, salads, or to add to a wrap.


Beside a food processor I use my Nutri Ninja daily to make my superfood smoothie. You can also get a blender-prozessor set.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast makes a good vegan cheese substitute due to its similar consistency and taste. It is an inactive yeast and can be used on any recipe or as a topping. Nutritional yeast is also a good source of vitamin B12 and other B-vitamins.

Raw Cashews

Cashews are often used to make a parmesan substitute or for homemade sour cream. It is a good vegan stable item to have at home.

Hemp Seed

Hemp seeds are very high in protein and fiber, which makes a great protein powder. There is no need to buy expensive protein powders, simply sprinkle hemp seed on your dinner, salads, cereal, or add into your smoothie.

Plant Based Lifestyle

A whole food plant based diet contains is rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and leaves out any animal products like meat, eggs, and dairy. It also excludes refined foods like white flour products, sugar, and oils.

It is always a good idea to read books and educate yourself of a healthy diet. Here are some suggestions that helped me along the way.

How not to die

A great book that describes all 14 leading causes of death in the US and is backed up by hundreds of studies.


Proteinaholic describes how often we focus on eating lots of protein, where there is not a protein deficiency in our culture and how protein is not the key to weight loss. A great book to understand your body and guide on how to stay healthy.


The China Study

A book written by a professor in nutritional biochemistry. He did over 40 years of nutritional research and his book helped many readers to change to a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.