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8 Common Pinterest MYTHS you didn’t know about

Are you using Pinterest for online marketing, but you don’t see desired results? Maybe you believe any of these Pinterest myths?!

There are so many tips about Pinterest marketing online and many bloggers use Pinterest as their top traffic source. A successful social media marketing strategy starts with the research before you write your blogpost.

8 new pinterest myths you didn't know about. a social media marketing strategy for online business with the power of Pinterest. Click through to see which Pinterest marketing myths are debunked. #pinterest #blogging #marketing #onlinebusiness

Today I debunk and clarify some common myths and beliefs about Pinterest. This social media platform is always changing, so here are some updated knowledge bombs for you!

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8 Common Pinterest MYTHS Debunked

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#1 Manual Pinning is better than automated pinning

False. Pinterest treats both pins equally. So don’t waste your time and use Tailwind 😉

#2 The time you pin matters

Yes and no! For the smart feed and group boards it doesn’t matter when you pin. For your following tab it does! Make sure you pin fresh content to YOUR boards at midnight UTC. This way your fresh content (first 5) will show up in your followers “following tab” on the top.

Also know that you should pin your fresh content to the MOST RELATED board first. It will send the right signals to Pinterest about that pin.

#3 You need to pin 80% other’s content and 20% your content.

False. In group boards you want to pin 100% your content. However you want to re-pin some pins from the group boards you are in to help out the group board and other pinners as well.

In your own boards you should mix some similar pins from other bloggers between your pins to give your followers a variety. BUT they are following you because they like your content.

Pinterest likes fresh content. If you are a new blogger, then you can fill your boards with other bloggers content. Remember, you must use quality pins and always click through to see if the pin leads to the right content.

If you reach a point where you create or have a lot of pin images and fresh content on your own, you can slow down with pinning other’s pins.

#4 You can’t pin too often

Yes you can! If you pin the same content over and over people will get bored of it and unfollow you. The pin will have a lower repin rate and send Pinterest the signal that it is not an interesting pin anymore, therefore Pinterest will lower it’s reach.

#5 You need to brand your pin images

Marginally true. It is good to have a brand color and font that works and that represents your blog style. The reason why some bloggers do this is because their pins get recognized by their followers faster. In my experience this did not increase my traffic much.

I create a pin image based on the content that it represents. These pins usually take off pretty quickly. Here is an example: Pin image 1 is branded and represents similar content compared to pin image 2. Pin image 2 uses colors that match the pin (ALDI’s brand colors) and this pin shot to number 1 on my pageviews within only 2 days.

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#6 You should delete pins with low engagement

False. You can leave them on Pinterest. They only harm your reach if you keep pinning them. Instead, try to create new images and update your content/description/hashtags.

#7 You need a pin scheduler for Pinterest success

You don’t need a scheduler. There are plenty success stories from bloggers who pin manually. BUT many bloggers (including me) use a scheduler like Tailwind to program the pins to all of your boards and group boards. After a while you simply get to a point where you have too many pins to keep track of, and Tailwind will automate everything for you so you have more time creating good content. You can try Tailwind for free here.

#8 The more group boards you are in, the more traffic

False. This is one of the mistakes I made in the beginning. At one point I was a member of 60 group boards. But if you are pinning to a board with a low re-pin rate you give Pinterest the signal that your pin is low quality and therefore will not gain a large reach.

So you want to make sure you apply to quality group boards, or leave group boards that harm your Pinterest reach. Find out how to analyze this and do it right in my Pinterest Legacy course.

What Pinterest rules or advice have you heard and are unsure if they’re true or false? 

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