15 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes You Didn’t Know About

Check if you are making any of these Pinterest marketing mistakes and improve your social media marketing strategy with Pinterest.

Do you feel stuck using Pinterest? Everybody is talking about how amazing Pinterest is to drive traffic to your blog, but you don’t get the same results?

Maybe you don’t have a Pinterest marketing strategy, or you are not using Pinterest for business yet.

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15 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes

I have been reviewing Pinterest profiles and strategies and found 15 common mistakes that bloggers are making. Today I am happy to share all these mistakes so that you can rock your Pinterest strategy and get better results.

I didn't know I was making some of these Pinterest marketing mistakes. These tips will help you to set up your Pinterest strategy for success. With great Pinterest tips and tutorials. Plus you can download FREE pinterest tools.

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#1 Not including keywords

Make sure you include keywords in your profile description, the board description and the pin description. You can find more keywords by typing a word into the Pinterest search bar and then Pinterest pulls up the most searched keywords as a suggestion. Use some of these that fit to your pin/niche/profile for the description.

#2 Not adding a description to your boards

I see a lot of bloggers that don’t even have board descriptions. It is very important to describe your boards in detail and use keywords. This way your readers can find you more efficiently and they are more likely to follow you or your board.

Try to think of what you would search for to get to your board. Use the Pinterest search bar to get more ideas!

#3 You don’t have a “best of” board

When a visitor enters your Pinterest profile it is important to present your best work and place it right at the beginning. Now your readers have easy access to your blog posts. This also separates the pins that you pin from the pins that other authors pin.

You can also create a best of board for each category that you are blogging about. This is a good idea if you are blogging in multiple niches.

#4 Your boards and pins look chaotic

You need to find your branding (style) from the beginning. That means you choose a brand color (or a few), a font, and you stick to it. When you create your pin images make them look similar so that your readers recognize your work and come back to your blog.

When I started to brand my pins I almost doubled my pageviews in only 4 days.

Tip: Once your pins look similar you can choose the cover pin photo for each of your boards. This will make your boards look clean and professional.

#5 Your profile picture is a logo

I get the idea of uploading a logo as your profile picture on Pinterest, and most logos are very clever and professional. BUT it creates a distance to your reader. Your followers would like to see the face that is behind the content. Social media is about connecting, and being personal is a good strategy.

You should use the same picture in all social media accounts so you are recognized quickly. To create a compelling profile picture, use items in the picture or colors that represent your brand and your niche. Make it memorable and easily noticeable.

#6 Your business name doesn’t include keywords

Your username and your business name are different. Pick the username that you use on other social media accounts, preferably your blog’s name. Then use your blog’s name for the business name and add keywords that describe your niche.

#7 Your pin images are low quality

What is a low quality pin image? Blurry images, dark images, images that don’t fit to your post, horizontal images and so on. You don’t have to be a designer to create good pin images. You also don’t have to spend any money on them.

Please check out this Picmonkey tutorial or download my Pinterest Bundle. In the bundle you will receive some tools to help with your Pinterest strategy. It includes an eBook with 6 tutorials on how to use Picmonkey (for free), 5 stock photos and a Pinterest traffic checklist all FOR FREE.

#8 Your title is boring

Most likely somebody else has already written a similar post about this topic. So you have to research the “competition” and find out how to add something more appealing, something new to yours. You are serving your reader with your post so make sure you are clearly describing what benefit they will receive by reading your post.

Your followers want a quick fix to a problem. Therefore words like “increase”, “tutorial”, “in 4 days”, “optimize”, “today”, “works quickly”, “step by step” will increase your click-through rate.

#9 Your image font is hard to read

When you create the pin image you are working on a big screen and to you the font in the image is easily readable. When you pin this image to a board (group board) you can scroll through and see if it stands out next to the other pins. Doing this, I can hardly read the title on some images, or nothing important stands out to me, so I don’t click it.

Here is how to fix this: Use a clear font, make it large and make the keywords pop out. You can make them pop out with another font, color, or size. You can also add a lighter overlay behind your font to make it pop out more.

#10 Your pin description is lacking the right keywords

This is one of the Pinterest marketing mistakes that can be fixed easily, yet it will improve your strategy fast. Just like with everything else, you can use your Pinterest search bar to find the most searched keywords around this subject to add to your pin description. You can start with your pin title and then describe all benefits they will receive when clicking through to the post.

You can write what you love about the post and how it has changed your life. Also add a call to action (“click through to read…”) at the end.  Another option is to start your description with a challenging question that makes people really wonder and drives them to find out more.

#11 You are gaining the wrong followers

You might have heard that you should follow a lot of people and they will follow you back. That’s how you get new followers. This is true, but you have to do this with the right strategy.

Just gaining a bunch of random followers doesn’t really make you successful. They are not going to re-pin, subscribe, or buy from you.

To learn a good strategy that will help you to gain the right followers and set up a successful Pinterest marketing strategy please check out my course.

#12 You don’t have a pinning strategy

If you are not pinning frequently and at set times or you don’t pin into group boards yet, you need to develop a pinning strategy.

Using a strategy is the base of all Pinterest success. That means that you apply to group boards frequently, pin to these group boards as much as it allows, and you produce new content and new pins consistently.

If you pin great content to your own boards, you will also see an increase in your followers and a higher re-pin rate. This great content should be a mix between your own pins and the same type of pins from other bloggers (that have gotten a lot of re-pins).

#13 You are using the wrong pinning strategy

This is the most common Pinterest marketing mistake I have seen so far. You should pin to your own boards frequently and consistently. Research says that pinning 15-30 times a day is most effective. I don’t think you can over-pin, because Pinterest uses a smart feed system.

Now this doesn’t include the group boards. You can pin to the group boards as much as the board allows. Make sure you are not spamming and keep in mind that you should only pin a lot when you have a lot of content. Otherwise the followers will always see the same pins.

A good pinning time for me is always 1 pm and 9 pm through the weekdays. On the weekends it is really all day. You can check when you get most of your traffic on google analytics to find a good pinning time.

If you start to have a lot of pins and group boards, you might not be able to manage them all. Now would be a good time to set up a scheduling tool like Boardbooster or Tailwind. I have tested both tools and I was satisfied with either one (you only need one scheduling tool). This tool will save you a lot of time. You can test both tools for free and decide which one you like best. Check out my full BoardBooster strategy to set this program up for success.

#14 Your blog post doesn’t include a call to action

In my own experience I get a lot of re-pins from my call to actions that I include in my posts whenever the reader makes a decision. This is either before a tutorial/recipe or after.

You can simply say “try this tutorial now or save to Pinterest for later” and link the pin URL to the text. Make this link bold or colorful. You have to publish the post first, pin the image, grab the URL and go back to the post to insert the link.

Use the same strategy for a “follow me” CTA. You can insert a link to your profile or even build your own Pinterest board widget, that people can follow with one click. Head over to the Pinterest Widget Builder HERE.

#15 Your pin images in your blog posts are missing the “alt description”

Sometimes I want to re-pin from a blog post and there are Pinterest hover buttons on the images and share bars on the side or at the bottom which all looks good. But when I click to share there is no description or just a few words under the pin image.

Make sure you include the full pin description in your “alt description” of the pin image in your post. You can add this before you even insert the image, or click on the image in your post, select “edit” and you will see a box for the alt text.

That’s it! These were all the most common Pinterest marketing mistakes bloggers are making. Hopefully this post helped you elevate your blog and become more successful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments or via email.

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