10 Pilates Workouts For Beginners (15 Minutes or Less)

Pilates is a low impact exercise that is gentle on your joints and provides strength building and muscle toning benefits.

Regular Pilates exercise can improve mobility and flexibility. It also helps relax your body through breathing with the exercise.

While this form of exercise focuses often on the core, legs, and thighs, it incorporates whole body movements and benefits your entire body.

Most common benefits of doing Pilates are improved posture, flexibility, mobility, sleep, and strength, decreased back pain, increased energy, boosted immunity and bone strength, and more.

10 Pilates Workouts For Beginners (15 Minutes or Less)

The Pilates for beginners exercises below can all be done at home, are free, and great for small spaces.

#1 Pilates for Beginners | 10 Minutes | No Equipment

This beginner Pilates workout by Jessica Valant Pilates starts with gentle glute bridges and slow crunches. You will target your abs and legs and get some stretching in. The exercises are easy and adjustable and the workout is just 10 minutes long.

#2 Morning Beginner Pilates | 10 Minutes | + Stretching

This workout by I’m Sweaty And I Know It starts with some gentle yoga stretches and then moves into legs, glutes, and abs exercises. The slow warm up makes this Pilates routine a great workout to start the day.

#3 Lower Abs Pilates | 8 Minutes | No Equipment

This Lower abs Pilates by Move With Nicole will strengthen your lower abdominals while strengthening your body overall. You’ll be able to get this done in 8 minutes. Do this on its own or after a cardio session. The exercises can be adjusted to your fitness level.

#4 Upper Body Pilates | 10 Minutes | No Equipment

A great upper body workout by Move with Nicole that will tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders, and upper back in just 10 minutes. You can adjust the exercises to your fitness level.

#5 Gentle Beginner Pilates | 15 Minutes | No Equipment

If you have a little more time, check out this 15 minute beginner Pilates by Jessica Valant Pilates. It is a slower and more gentle routine to improve your flexibility and strength while protecting your body and joints.

#6 Daily Routine Pilates | 15 Minutes | No Equipment

This 15 minute beginner Pilates routine by Workout with Roxanne works your whole body and you don’t need any equipment. It combines yoga stretches with beginner friendly Pilates exercises and makes a great every day workout.

#7 Standing Pilates | Beginners | 15 Minutes

This 15 minutes standing Pilates routine by MVMT with Cailin is great for anyone who can’t be on their knees or back. You will train legs, glutes, and abs, while all moves are beginner friendly. The routine ends with a gentle stretch.

#8 15 Minute Pilates | Abs and Core

This 15 minutes core and abs Pilates routine by Lottie Murphy is great for anyone trying to strengthen the abdominals. You can do this on its own or add it after a cardio workout. All exercise can be adjusted to a beginner level.

#9 Cardio Abs | 15 Minutes | No Equipment

The 15 minute cardio abs by Move with Nicole is the perfect at-home workout to raise your heart rate a little bit and strengthen your core. No equipment needed.

#10 Glutes and Core | 10 Minutes | Small Space

A 10 Minute short glutes and core Pilates workout by IsaWelly. A quick but efficient glutes and core workout for busy days, small spaces, and beginners.

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