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6 Best Natural Migraine Supplements

Are you searching for natural migraine supplements and remedies before taking strong medication?

Some people would rather take minerals and vitamins than harsh chemical migraine pills, other’s simply can’t afford expensive migraine medication.

I, too, have concerns when deciding how to treat migraine headaches. When I thought nothing would help, I finally found prevention by taking the right natural migraine supplements.

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best natural migraine supplements to prevent migraine attacks before they happen. Click through to see all natural migraine remedies. #migraine #prevention #remedies #natural

I must mention here that I also changed my lifestyle habits. I work out regularly, cut out junk food for the most part including sodas, and take my supplements. At the end of this post you can find more ways to prevent migraines.


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Best Natural Migraine Supplements

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#1 Migravent

I have been taking Migravent for one year and had about 5 migraines. Before taking this natural migraine supplement I would get migraines once or twice per month. Whenever I skipped days taking Migravent I’d get a migraine, so I can definitely say it works.

The only reason that speaks against Migravent: it is not vegan!

Migravent contains:  Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 133mg, Magnesium 109mg (as Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Citrate *57mg elemental), Proprietary Blend (Butterbur Extract, CoQ10, Bioperine) 101mg. Other Ingredients: Safflower oil, gelatincapsule (fish gelatin, glycerin, purified water, lycopene complex, sodium magnesium chlorophyllin and turmeric), white beeswax and sunflower lecithin. Contains Fish (tilapia, carp).

One pill a day was enough to prevent my migraines and it started working right away. This could vary from person to person. 60 pills cost about $40 and you can get it here. If this price is too high, you can start testing each of Migravent’s ingredients individually (list below).

#2 Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

In this study people were given 400 mg riboflavin daily and even though the headache intensity did not decrease, participants experienced a 50% reduction in migraines.

Great plant sources of vitamin B2 include spinach, almonds, sesame seeds, and mushrooms. Either way, taking a B2 supplement to prevent migraines is an affordable treatment you should consider. You can get the 400 mg Riboflavin here. If you are a vegan or vegetarian you can check out this B2 supplement with 400mg or start out lower with 100mg.

If you are on the vegan diet you can get whole B-complex supplements that contain all B vitamins (including B12, biotin, and folic acid).

#3 Feverfew

Feverfew is a flowering plant that is often used as a traditional medicinal herb to treat migraines. While there are stories about the efficacy of feverfew, there is not enough scientific evidencethat it will prevent migraines.

However you can try out a feverfew tea or this vegetarian supplement

#4 Magnesium

It has long been shown that migraine sufferers also show a magnesium deficiency. In this study a test group ingested 600mg of magnesium (trimagnesium dicitrate) daily for 12 weeks and were compared to a placebo group (people who ingested a placebo pill during that time).

“In weeks 9-12 the attack frequency was reduced by 41.6% in the magnesium group and by 15.8% in the placebo group compared to the baseline (p < 0.05).”

The study shows that the oral magnesium intake appears to be effective in migraine prevention.

There is, however, a discussion on what form of magnesium gets absorbed by your body best. Therefore, I suggest you check out this tri-magnesium that is well-tolerated, vegan, and bioavailable.

#5 Butterbur

This study shows that 4 months of treatment with 75 mg butterbur reduced the frequency of migraine attacks by 48%.

People stated reduced migraines as well as reduced allergies. You can check out PA-free, vegan butterbur capsules here (they also contain feverfew).

#6 CoQ10

The coenzyme Q10 was also found to be effective in preventing the frequency of migraine attacks (taking 2x 100mg a day). You can find CoQ10 in spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower, or trythese vegan capsules (200mg).

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Best natural migraine supplements to prevent migraine attacks. Balance deficiencies and reduce migraine attacks with vitamins, minerals and herbs. #herbs #natural #remedies #migraine #relief

More ways to prevent migraines

#1 Change your diet to prevent migraines

Changing your diet is the best way to prevent migraines naturally. There are a lot of deficiencies from eating wrong which can lead to headaches. The best diet to prevent migraine headaches is a clean, and plant based diet.

A whole food plant based diet contains fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. It cuts out animal products and a study shows it is the healthiest diet you can be on:

“In conclusion, results concerning body weight, nutritional intake, nutritional quality and quantity are in line with the literature on restricted and prudent diets versus unrestricted omnivorous diets. The use of indexing systems, estimating the overall diet quality based on different aspects of healthful dietary models (be it the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans or the compliance to the Mediterranean Diet) indicated consistently the vegan diet as the most healthy one.” (source)

Of course anyone has to find their food triggers for migraines, but this diet will definitely cut out the most common migraine triggers. And another study shows that subjects on a low fat plant based diet experience less migraines and lower headache intensity.(source)

Related: 20 mind blowing benefits of a whole food plant based diet

#2 Add lost minerals

I am a sweaty person (TMI) and a pharmacist once told me that if you sweat a lot you lose all your salts and minerals. Therefore you can have a lack of minerals such as magnesium. To refuel my body with essential minerals, I take these Electrolytes.

Earlier in this post I mentioned that most Americans have a lack of magnesium. Some people can’t contain magnesium through taking supplements, therefore absorbing magnesium through your skin could be a better solution.

I spray this magnesium oil on sore muscles or just on my skin. Be careful it can burn a little on some spots, so definitely test it first.

Also magnesium oil is concentrated and can make you tired. So spray it on your skin before going to bed.

#3 Be more active, but not too active

I read all over the internet that being active would help with migraines. Yet a few times after my workout I started having an aura followed by a migraine. Now I know that when I overdo myself I also react with migraines. I started to do easier workouts like the 21 day fix and I usually don’t exercise longer than 30 minutes.

So I think that working out really helps with preventing migraines, but don’t overdo it. For me a good balance is a 30 minute workout where my pulse stays between 130 and 150. I can do this everyday and feel great.

You can simply start with faster walking, or easy running. I am streaming my workouts with BeachBody and I do the 21 day fix, cize, hip hop abs and rocking body. There are so many good workouts that you can simply do at home, plus it is very affordable.

#4 Relax and massage your back muscles

After a long day or after a bad night sleep I get tense in my back and I LOVE to use my shihatsu massager for the back, neck and shoulders.

I love this one, because I can wrap it around my neck, over my shoulders to really get into the upper shoulder muscle, or even down my back.

Another thing my massage therapist told me is that often the muscles right on the top of your neck can be tense and cause headaches. I didn’t even know I had muscles there until she massaged them and I got sore.

Now I massage them every once in a while.

#5 Avoid stress to prevent migraines

I know that is kind of a no brainer. But sometimes we don’t even know we are stressed. Stress can also tense up your back and neck muscles without you really noticing.

Massages and fitness can help relax your body and take your mind off of stress. Find something you enjoy doing to balance out what stresses you.

Also psychosomatic symptoms (physicial sickness/pain due to emotional stress) like heartburn, headaches, heart attack, breathing issues, and more can happen after the stress, once you are in a relaxed state.

#6 Migraine diary

Once I started writing down when I have migraines, and what I did before, I narrowed down the triggers pretty quickly. I also realized that it is usually more than one trigger that work together.

Now I know my “weak point” and make sure I am more careful. I feel like I finally have real control over my migraine prevention.

#7 Get good sleep

There are so many things that can steal your good night sleep. A baby, a snoring husband, too many thoughts, caffeine, loud neighbors, and more.

Make sure you find a routine that will help you fall asleep early. That could mean not playing on your phone before bed, not drinking coffee after a certain time, and maybe meditating to get rid of stressful thoughts.

I pray to relieve any stress and negative thoughts right before bed, but if you don’t like doing that just try writing everything down on a paper and know it is gone for the night.

Also, keeping your sleep schedule steady is necessary to prevent migraines. I try to go to bed early during the week and on the weekends I try to keep the schedule very similar.

Sleeping in 3 hours longer on the weekend might feel good, but Sunday evening comes around and it will be harder to fall asleep, therefore Mondays just suck.

A steady sleep schedule will make you feel rested and balanced!

#8 Wear sunglasses and a hat

Yep, that’s how I roll now. After having a migraine walking a mile long yard sale in the sun, sunglasses and a hat are necessary. Especially for migraine sufferers with aura who are sensitive to light. Therefore, either avoid being in the sun for too long or cover your head with a stylish hat and sunglasses.

Note: Sometimes I had a migraine one day after long sun exposure/sweating.

Tips and supplements that are proven to prevent migraines naturally. #migraines #supplements #natural

#9 Pray for healing and stay positive

I was praying for a long time and nothing happened. I was wondering why God wouldn’t just take away the migraines. But instead he gave me wisdom. I started to understand what causes migraines. This helped me to understand my body and what I was lacking. I was simply not giving my body what it needs.

Today I am happy that I could go through this, because I understand my body so much better and have a healthier lifestyle than ever before. And the best part? I can help others to reach their health goals now, too.

So all suffering served a purpose and my prayer was answered, just not in my way.

If you are not a praying person, then stay positive! If you think “this is just me now” then you will probably be stuck with migraines.

Realize that it is not a natural trait and it can be treated. Of course it will take time and patience but believing that you will get rid of it will actually help speed up the process.

Did I give you some new ideas to help prevent migraines? Comment below and let me know!


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