Trying to organize your meals to save time?

Meal planning can help save time, money, and sanity. It is also the best tool to reach your health and weight loss goals!

Don't go about your week wondering what to eat and ultimately end up eating boring meals or take-out.

Get your meals organized and stick to your health goals this week with the Meal Planner Template!

Here is how to use this template:

  • Write down all your meals for the week
  • Decide which meals to meal prep on day 0 (before you start the meal plan)
  • Note the date or weekday of each day
  • If you track calories, write the amount of calories right under each meal. Then calculate them together at the bottom of the plan. 
  • Use the note section for each recipe for any substitutions, especially if you are dealing with picky eaters (kids, or spouse)

With the calorie section you'll be able to plan your caloric intake ahead of time which makes it much easier to stick to a weight loss plan. I also like to use the "note" section to write down where the recipe is located. Some recipes I plan are from a meal planning program, some from a cookbook, others are saved on my phone in my bookmarks.

How about some BONUSES?

Use the shopping list template to organize your grocery items by isle. This will save you so much time in the store! No more running back and forth between isles...

Use the 800 Vegan Recipes Idea List to fill your meal plan each week. The list contains links to all my recipe round up posts. You'll have recipe ideas for the whole year and can choose them based on your lifestyle and need (whole food, summer, Christmas, bowls, budget, weight loss, ice cream, and so on).

The templates can be printed for Letter or A4. Just be sure to check "fit to printable area" before printing. The templates will be send to your email. You can download them to any device and use them over and over.

Get the templates for only $2!