Manual Pinning Strategy for Best Results

The perfect manual pinning strategy without using Boardbooster or Tailwind plus pinning strategy cheat sheet.

Where do I pin to? How much should I be pinning? And do I need a pinning program?

Pinterest is a great traffic source for your blog, but there is so much to learn about it. Trying to figure out where to pin to all day can be confusing.

You have probably read that most bloggers use paid pinning tools like BoardBooster or Tailwind to schedule their pins. Now you are asking when you need a program like this and how you can pin without it.

The perfect manual pinning strategy without using Boardbooster or Tailwind plus pinning strategy cheat sheet.

When you first start a blog you don’t have much content and boards yet to pin. Therefore you don’t need to spend money on a tool, if you can simply do it manually!

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How much time will manual pinning take?

You should take 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon or evening. It is good to spread your pins and not pin everything all at once. You can even add another time when you would like to pin.

When do I need a pinning program?

It depends how much you work on your blog and Pinterest strategy. I would say once you have joined about 20 group boards and you created about 30-40 pin images it will start to get overwhelming and you should consider using a pinning tool. Nonetheless you should still pin manually here and there.

I suggest to start with BoardBooster as your first pinning tool (read the full pinning strategy with Boardbooster HERE). It starts at $5 a month and has great settings. If you have a LOT of pins I suggest adding Tailwind to your pinning tools, because you can get an unlimited plan. I added Tailwind after 1 year of blogging and I am using both programs.

Rear more here: Tailwind vs. Boardbooster –  Here is the real difference

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The Ultimate Manual Pinning Strategy

There are 3 ways of pinning to consider that are all a part of the manual pinning strategy. You should work on all of the 3 following pinning strategies. This will not only drive traffic to your page, but also increase your Pinterest following.

Try this now or PIN FOR LATER

#1 Pin to your boards

Pin your pins to your “best of” board and also to your other boards. Keep posting every day and make sure you re-pin older posts. You just have to watch that you won’t pin the same posts too often. Add other content in between to give your followers a great variety to read. New readers will be more likely to follow you.

Create plenty of your own boards that represent your brand. For example: If you are a food blogger don’t just create a recipe board. Divide your boards into 30 minute recipes, Mexican recipes, desserts, and so on.

You want to pin one or two of your own pins to your boards and add other pins (from other people) in between.

#2 Pin to group boards

Pin more often to group boards, as they have most likely more followers than you do (especially in the beginning of blogging). How often you should pin to a board depends on how fast moving the boards is, how many pins you have and on the rules of the board.

After you dropped a pin, there is a little pop up at the bottom that tells you where you pinned to. Click it to head over to the board and make sure you are not spamming it and that you are following the rules.

It does not look spammy to leave a space for about 20-40 pins before you drop your next pin to the group board. Again make sure not to pin more than the group board rules allow.

Re-pin the most popular posts more often, as these lead to the most traffic. It is a good idea to keep a sheet of what you pin and when you pinned it to make sure you go through all of your posts. This technique gets overwhelming though, if you start to have more posts and more group boards. ( I did this is the first 2 months of blogging and then switched to BoardBooster).

You can download the cheat sheet below.

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#3 Pin other’s content

Filling your boards with other’s content makes your boards more interesting and leads to more followers. Re-pinning others increases the chance that they will re-pin you.

You can always join Facebook groups to exchange pins. Make sure that the pins fit to your niche and boards.

Make sure that the pins lead to a solid blog post and also that they are high quality, meaning that they already earned a lot of re-pins. I like to pick pins with more than 1,000 re-pins to fill my boards with good content.

TIP: If you set up automatic pinning, make sure you use Pinterest manually here and there. Don’t just set it up a scheduler and forget about it.


The perfect manual pinning strategy without using Boardbooster or Tailwind plus pinning strategy cheat sheet. how to pin tutorial
The perfect manual pinning strategy without using Boardbooster or Tailwind plus pinning strategy cheat sheet. learn how to pin and where to pin to with this tutorial


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