Are Gym Workouts More Effective Than Home Exercise Routines?

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Are Gym Workouts More Effective Than Home Exercise Routines?

The current pandemic has caused some people to resort to home workouts. Home workouts are done from the convenience of your home. 

Whilst most people do not have the specialized equipment found at gyms, home workouts can be very effective if executed properly. 

If done properly, home workouts can be more effective than gym workouts. Whilst gym workouts are more intense, home workouts can achieve similar effects. You also save time and money with home workouts. This comes from reduced transportation costs and the fact that you won’t have to wait for equipment to be free. 

There is nothing more annoying than going to the gym at peak hours and finding out that you have to wait before getting to use the equipment that you need. If you take the time to learn about and perfect home workouts, you will benefit time and money-wise. 

Gym equipment is expensive, time-consuming, and will incur hidden maintenance costs. Having weights can boost the quality of your home workout. 

Another benefit of learning home workouts is that it allows you to become more versatile as far as exercise goes. There may come a time where you will have to be away from your gym for an extended period. 

Learning home workouts will allow you to exercise from wherever you are. 

The following are some home workouts that can be very effective: 

Calorie burning workout

This calorie-burning workout will allow you to burn up to 1000 calories within 10 minutes. It entails doing 100 jumping jacks, 100 squats, 75 crunches, 20 pushups, 10 burpees, 50 jumping jacks, 45 crunches, a 1-minute wall sit, and a 45-second plank. 

10-minute morning weight loss workout 

If you can do this 10 minute home workout over an extended period, it will help your abs to develop significantly. One advantage of this workout is that it does not require the usage of weights, this can be done from anywhere. 

It comprises 36 butt kicks, 36 high knees, 35 jumping jacks, 16 sumo squats, 16 crunches, and 10 lunges. 

Aim to walk/jog 25 steps between exercises. The exercises should be repeated once and you should finish by stretching. 

This workout is excellent for beginners or for getting back into exercising. Because it is only 10 minutes, it is a great way to develop your motivation. 

Full Body Dumbell workout for women 

This should be done if you have access to weights. It helps tone your body and builds muscle. If you want to lose weight, it helps. It is also perfect for beginners. 

Using the dumbbell, do three sets of 10-12 reps. Ex

Before you start the exercise, do a 5-10 minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio training. It will warm up your muscles and can help to prevent injuries. 

You can do various dumbbell exercises depending on your experience and ability. Some that you can consider doing include the farmers walk, bent-over row, two-arm dumbbell stiff-legged deadlift, one arm swing, and the cross-body hammer curl. 

Jumping Jacks 

You should at least 20 Jumping Jacks. Whilst standing straight, your hands should be next to your body. You should jump out and spread your legs shoulder-width apart. When jumping, also raise your arms over your hands. 

This exercise also helps to balance your heart rate. It can prevent the onset of a stroke or heart attack and can help to maintain good cholesterol levels. 

Side lunges 

You should stand up straight with your feet placed hip-width apart. You should lift your right leg and then make a big step to the side and bend the right knee. Push your hips back. Your weight should be on the back of your right foot. You should be able to lift your toes. 

Aim to do each side ten times. This exercise helps to build balance, stability, and strength. They work your inner and outer thighs and can help to reduce the appearance and onset of cellulite. 

By moving your body, side lunges can improve your body mobility. This is ideal for sport and can also improve your confidence. 


You should start on your toes and use your hands to keep your body as straight as a pin. Your feet should be hip-width apart whilst your hands or elbows should be shoulder-width apart. You should maintain the position for at least 20 seconds. 

This exercise works your core. Essentially, it works the entire body, from the pelvic girdle to your shoulder girdle and legs. The plank aides the strengthening of your spine, rhomboids, and abdominal muscles. 

It helps to build a strong posture and aids muscle growth. 


There are many benefits to home workouts. Even if you gym, you must learn how to do a home workout. There may be days when you cannot access a gym. 

If you are a personal trainer, it is important that you are familiar with home workouts. This will help you maintain your own fitness. It will also allow you to improvise if your clients cannot attend the gym regularly. 

With working from home becoming the norm, fitness trainers must be able to show home workouts to clients via a video calling application. For instance, trainers and coaches have personal trainer insurance providers at hand. This is just in case something goes wrong and the client and trainer are both protected.  

If you are putting in as much effort and time in devising your workout plan, they can be as effective if not more than gym workouts. 

Like everything, home workouts take time to learn and perfect. Though it requires dedication and effort, the positives are many. It is highly unlikely that you will look back and regret having learned how to do a workout at home.