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Well Selected Exercises That Can Actually Help With Your Back Pain

Most individuals have had problems with back pain at some point in their life. Your back is made up of muscles, ligaments, and joints that can be the cause of pain, but the root issue behind every back problem has yet to be fully determined.
A lot of people who develop chronic back pain without getting a proper back diagnosis might be exposed to heavy physical labor or other factors that affect the work environment. The personal ability to cope with pain is a huge factor in experiencing pain.
When back pain starts affecting the way you move your body, many unnatural movements can very well be the cause for greater pain in areas that are not accustomed to work with the extra tension.
The most important thing is to remain active, but only under steady, professional supervision.
After all, the back is built to deal with constant pressure. We use it in every motion. A more active body lets the blood flow through the back and as most of us know, the blood is the delivery system of both oxygen and other types of nutritional substances to the body’s different organs.
*It is best to consult a primary care physician before beginning any exercise.

Exercises That Can Actually Help With Your Back Pain

1) Hamstring Stretches

Doing these while lying on the floor rather than stretching while standing makes them more gentle on the back and provides ease of posture.  Bending one knee, loop a towel or tension band under the ball of the opposite foot. Slowly straighten the knee as you hold the towel or band pulling gently, feeling a slight stretch to the back of your leg.

2) Wall Sits

These can be done anywhere whenever you have a few free seconds and an empty wall. Place feet on the floor about 2 feet in front of the wall then slide the back down said wall until you reach a comfortable sitting position. The back is protected from poor posture as the wall provides stability.

3) Knee to Chest

Lie on your back, bring one knee to the chest keeping the other knee bent and the foot flat on the floor. This is a great way to keep your back stabilized while working the muscles and can help ease or reduce pain without exacerbating it.

4) Pelvic Tilts

Both the core and back muscles are engaged here and keeping them strong will ease back pain and decrease the likelihood of recurrence. Lie on your back and engage the abs, pulling the belly button back toward the spine. Repeat this minor movement for a self-administered back massage, too.
Pelvic tilts can also be used carefully with a softer foam roll.

5) Leg Lifts (One leg at a time)

Using one leg at a time instead of both legs simultaneously will ensure that the lower back is protected by decreasing the work it may have to do to compensate for a weak core area.

6) Pilates and/or Yoga

Specific poses used in yoga and Pilates, such as a partial cobra or the bird-dog pose, help prevent back pain. They not only strengthen but also engage the core.  The idea is balance in all things; if the back is being worked its opposite must also be worked, that being the core. YOGA is a good example of how to prevent back pain with exercise.
Practicing correct posture in everyday life will also prevent back pain. To do this, one must remain mindful of their body alignment; imagine trying to balance one vertebrae on top of another while reaching the crown of the head toward the sky.
Resting is the worst thing you can do for your back pain. You CANNOT rest yourself free from pain. However, as mentioned above, a controlled and monitored activation of the body is the best way to go.
Even as we age, the body gets more exposed to back injuries, this is also due to lack of blood flow and weakening of joints. There are a lot of devices that help with blood flow, including massage chairs, back massager cushions and even acupressure mats. Each  are great for helping the body keep everything as replenished as possible.


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