10 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers (what I have learned)

Blogging tips for new bloggers: What I have learned in my first year of blogging to help you speed up your blogging success.

Are you a brand new blogger? Are you confused about all the blogging tips online and wondering what really works and what’s a waste of time?

I have been through a lot of trial and error in my first year of blogging. I focused on things that wasted valuable time which could have been invested in more successful tasks.

Today I share my top 10 blogging tips for new bloggers. It has been a fun year with a lot of success. I have taken classes, created my own class, started making money with my blog, gained attraction from a big brand and most important: I helped a lot of people.
Blogging tips for new bloggers: What I have learned in my first year of blogging to help you speed up your blogging success.

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Have patience and faith

First and foremost you need to know what you can expect from blogging. You have probably heard how people say it is not a “get rich quick” thing to do. Your blog is your business and therefore you need to invest in it a lot BUT in the long run you will have a job that makes you passive income, you are your own boss, and the sky is the limit.

All you have to do is hang in there in your first year and set your priorities straight. Know that the struggle is only temporary and as long as you keep seeking tips and working on your blog it will take off sooner or later.

Whatever work you put into your blog now will benefit you later. So even if you don’t see any success right away you have to believe that you will.

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Invest in your first year

Your blog can take off fast and you’ll make decent money in your first year. Most often though, you are building a good foundation. And to do so you will invest time and money. You will buy classes, plug-ins, programs, and more.

So the little money that you start making in your first year goes right back into your business to build it up even better. In return you will get more out of it.

Take classes and keep learning

In my first year I purchased 3 classes, an email program, books, automation programs and much more. I can not overstate how important it is to take courses. My blogging income increased significantly every time I finished a course and implemented what I learned.

I always made the cost of the class back within one month of taking it. You will connect with other bloggers, get all your questions answered and mostly you will have a chance to make money back by promoting the course with affiliate marketing.

I can not push this enough because I made so many mistakes and once I learned how to do it right, I had to go back into all my posts and change them (LOTS OF WORK!). So here are some classes that I highly recommend.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing Course)

Instamazing Growth: Passion and Profits (Instagram Strategy Course)

Pinterest Legacy (Pinterest Strategy Course)

Flawless Funnels (How to sell your own products/set up a sales funnel)

Pick your social media – Don’t do it all

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. And at the beginning it is the only way to attract interested readers. It is important to start out with one social media platform first and really build a following and get a good understanding of how it works.

Pick the one you already spend a lot of time on in your free time, the one you are most comfortable with. Now read blog posts, tips, books, or take a class about a good strategy and become an expert.

I love to use Pinterest in my free time so I started with that and it turned out to be very successful. Now I even have a course that teaches the perfect Pinterest strategy.

Once you have mastered one social media go ahead to the next one. I tried to make 5 platforms work for me and I put so much work into it with no success. I made the perfect image for each social media, scheduled all these blog posts, and nothing really came out of it.

I wish I would have known these blogging tips earlier. This saves so much time. A must read if you don't want to make blogging mistakes.

So my advice here is to only focus on one or two in your first year. You should still set up an account on the other social media platforms and post your newest post. But don’t bother to be active on all social media.

It is better to write a lot of great content and become an expert and influencer on one or two accounts.

Start with affiliate marketing right away

If you are serious about making money blogging follow this blogging tip: Start with affiliate marketing right away. Otherwise you will leave money on the table. People love to know what products you use to get the results. Don’t be scared to come off salesy or pushy.

Most readers find it helpful or actually want to see your suggestion. Amazon Associates is a great program to start with. Because Amazon has almost every product, the chance that you can link your products is high. When you write recipes or tutorials simply link the products that you use.

I highly recommend taking the class Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. This will explain everything you need to know and your success is guaranteed!

Immediately start building your email list

The email list is a great way to gain trust from your readers. You will gain a loyal following and your pageviews are guaranteed. A social media strategy is great to get pageviews but you want to make sure to stay connected to your visitors.

Social media has it’s ups and downs. It changes rules and algorithms where you could lose pageviews, but the email list is yours.

How to really get subscribers

You probably heard the tip about offering something free to get subscribers. Well, what if you already do that but still nobody wants to sign up?

I have learned in my first year of blogging that some freebies go very well and others don’t. It simply takes another approach and you will get your subscribers. The second thing I learned is that when your freebie is too good people will only sign up to (for example) download the eBook and then never wanna hear anything about you.

So make sure that your freebie is a content upgrade. Something that is better than the blog post but not so amazing that everybody signs up just to get that download.

That way you will gain subscribers that are actually interested in reading your posts and you gave them a reason to sign up.

Of course you will always have those people that sign up for the freebie and then unsubscribe. But more subscribers cost more money, so you want to collect readers that are actually going to read your posts.

Pick your niche wisely (don’t pick many)

This is one of my favorite blogging tips. I started out with 5 niches that I was blogging in. I only have 2 hours a day (when my toddler sleeps) to blog. Now, with social media marketing, email marketing, and taking courses, I don’t have much time to write a lot of posts. So taking care of many categories is very difficult.

Another downfall of blogging in several categories is gaining the right followers. Sure you can set up different subscribe forms for the different niches, but this becomes complicated very quickly.

On social media you will have the problem of trying to get followers that are interested in everything. They might follow you because of your recipes but then they’ll receive DIY posts. Don’t get me wrong, this can still work, but it is definitely a slower process.

Blogging only about one niche (or two that fit together) will help you gain more followers faster, make it very clear what your blog is about, and you can actually stand out as an expert or authority.

If you like recipes and finances, combine it as recipes that are frugal and other money saving tips. If you like fitness and recipes, specify your recipes and always add the calorie count or create healthy recipes.

This way your visitors see your blog and know immediately what to expect.

I had one blog post going viral for a DIY organizing hack, but there was nothing else in that category, or the other posts in that category were lame. So I decided to drop the DIY and Beauty category and specify my blog about fitness and healthy budget food.

I was scared that I might lose all the pageviews that one viral post brought me, but once I narrowed down my focus, I had more time writing good content that connects and my pageviews started to double.

Blogging tips: Focus on what’s most important and prioritize

It is important to work on your social media strategy, your images, your SEO and so on. BUT the most important thing is to write great content. Of course you still need to take care of the rest of the pieces that are a part of your blogging success, but first and foremost you need to have something worth reading on your blog.

I spent 3 days just to fix my SEO issues. Sure I needed to take care of that, but really I could have written 2 blog posts in that time that would probably have given me more pageviews than fixing my SEO.

Prioritize your time. Make sure you get good content out regularly and set a small part of your time aside for the rest. Once your blog is running and making money you will have more time for the little details.

Be professional AND personal

If you would like to make money blogging, treat your blog like a business. Be professional about it but don’t forget to be personal. When I send out emails to my list, I make sure to provide value to my readers. Teach them something new or give them something free. A lot of educational content will help build trust.

Babbling on about your life won’t give it any value. Of course you want to be personal, so give them an overview of your life story; it is important.

How can you be personal AND professional?

Tell your story. How did you get from point A to B? What helped you succeed and how can it change your reader’s life? Telling your success story is personal but it is also an encouragement for your readers, therefore it serves them.

Ask questions in your email. Ask them about their struggles. Tell them to hit reply to let you know. I have had so many good conversations with my readers doing this. They ask me specific questions and I love to help them. It builds trust and relationships.

Blogging tips for new bloggers: What I have learned in my first year of blogging to help you speed up your blogging success.  Are you a brand new blogger? Are you confused about all the blogging tips online and wondering what really works and what's a waste of time?  I have been through a lot of trial and error in my first year of blogging. I focused on things that wasted valuable time which could have been invested in more successful tasks.


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