Blogging Income Report October 2017 – $603.88

Blogging Income Report October 2017. How I made over 600 dollars in October 2017 with blogging.

I am posting my blogging income reports to show how you can make money blogging and to motivate you. Some bloggers make an income earlier some later.

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Blogging History

In my December 2016 income report I already talked about the steps I took to improve my blogging income. I took the class Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and experienced an immediate jump in income. Since then I increased my affiliate marketing income and pageviews.

I am still selling my own courses but at the end of the month I created an more affordable eBook version. I realized that the course might be too much of an investment for someone who just started blogging and with the eBook I hope to be able to help more new bloggers. (Tip: If you sign up for the pinterest bundle you will get the chance to grab the eBook for over 50% off)

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I offer all my FREE downloads and email courses through Convertkit. This email program lets me categorize my followers and set up multiple email sequences. I also still schedule all my posts with BoardBooster and Tailwind.

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You probably want to know how I increased my blogging income from $421 in may to over $600 in my blogging income report october 2017. Sometimes I make more affiliate sales, sometimes my own product or I just had a pin go viral and that earns ad income.

Blogging Income Report October 2017

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Blogging Income Report October 2017. How I made over 600 dollars in October 2017 with blogging. Learn how I increased my pageviews.

In October 2017 most of my income was made through advertisements (Mediavine). I took the time to analyze my blog posts and used my top ranking posts as a template for a seasonal version.

To make that more clear: My top ranking posts are meal plans and recipe round ups, therefore I made a fall meal plan and a fall recipe round up.

I got most of my pageviews from Pinterest and I teach all my Pinterest strategies in this course or in this more budget friendly eBook.

Pageviews: 46,314

Mediavine: $562.36

Amazon Associate: $17.82

Picmonkey: $6

My eBook: $9

Convertkit: $8.70

Of course I had expenses like my email program, picmonkey subscription, BoardBooster and I tested some Pinterest ads.


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