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Blogging Income Report May 2018 – $1183.28

Blogging Income Report May 2018: How I made over $1,000 in May 2018 with my blog while working only 15 hours per week at home.

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My blogging history

blogging income report: How I made over 1,000 dollars working from home with the power of Pinterest. I only work 15h per week or less on my blog and tripled my income from last year! #income #blogging #makemoneyonlineOn June 9, 2016 (2 years ago) I started my blog When I first began blogging I published articles in 5 different niches, tested many different strategies, tried all social media platforms, and wasted a lot of time. Looking back, I understand all of this was part of the learning process.

One year later I narrowed my niche down to fitness and budget recipes. Six months after that I narrowed the focus of my recipes to vegan and continued providing budget friendly content. I had to edit a lot of posts, my blog, and my social media accounts to show a clear message. Now I believe my blog is established in this niche and everything correlates.

Throughout this journey I realized that Pinterest always gives me the best traffic. So I focused 90% of my (social media marketing) time perfecting a Pinterest strategy and spent the rest of my time on Instagram. I do post on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Yumly, but I do not devote much time to these platforms.

I tried other social media accounts to generate traffic and/or sales, but with no success. I like to use Instagram because it creates a more personal relationship with my readers (like Youtube). Facebook, in my opinion, is only useful if you can afford to pay ads.

Previous blogging income reports

As you can see below, my income increased steadily and almost tripled from May 2017 to May 2018 (and I hope it triples again over this next year, haha).

What I did this month (success and failures)

Because I am earning a decent income, I had to start proper bookkeeping using Excel sheets and educate myself about legal responsibilities.

Then the GDPR switch happened and I had to change my email funnels, which was very scary. I realized though, that I make the same amount of sales and income even though my subscriber numbers dropped drastically.

This is because I get subscribers that are actually interested in reading my emails, therefore my email open rate is greater. I took Elizabeth Goddard’s tutorial to set up my sequences and sign up forms the right way.

I always take some time each month creating new pin images for older posts and I add a new description with new hashtags. This allows the pin to go viral, sometimes for the first time, sometimes for a second or third time, or stay interesting by adding fresh images.

I also purchased a second Tailwind subscription for the whole year for my second Pinterest account and I started trying out paid ads/promoted pins on Pinterest.

There were no real failures this month as I see steady growth in my pageviews and blogging income. I did not spend a lot of time on my blog this month due to a family vacation, so I have to make sure to write good articles that boost my pageviews even more in June. Lack of new content always affects traffic.

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Starting your own blog can be intimidating, I know. There are many bloggers that make thousands of dollars right from the start, but that is usually not the norm, and comparing yourself with them might just make you want to quit. There are always new things to learn and, even though I made many mistakes or think I wasted my time, I am so glad I started 2 years ago. The extra income helps my family in so many ways and it just keeps getting better.

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Blogging Income Report May 2018 (+traffic)

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Advertisement income:

  • Mediavine: $986.78

Affiliate programs income:

  • Amazon Associates: $23.72
  • 5 dollar meal plan: $1.50
  • Viglinks: $10.08
  • Share-a-Sale: $2
  • Commission Junction: $20.40
  • Convertkit: $8.70
  • Nutritiously: $41.50

Own products income:

Total Income: $1183.28

Total pageviews in May 2018: 78,137

My pageviews in May were actually lower than April (87,854) and this is because I took 10 days off in April and also in May.

Over 90% of my pageviews come from Pinterest and I share the exact same strategies I use to create vital posts in my Pinterest Legacy course. Whenever I publish a post it can take 2 days to gain lots of traffic, or sometimes 2 weeks, or 4 months, the internet is tricky that way. You never know. What I do know is that as a blogger you always see the effort that you put into your business the next month or further in the future, not right away. Hang on, believe in what you are doing, and produce good content and you will see growth.

Since starting my blog I work about 15 hours per week. Today, I make over $1,000 dollars a month and work the same amount as I did one year ago. The reason my pageviews dropped in the end of May is definitely because I took days off over the past two months.

Nevertheless, I made solid earnings and that is why I love passive income!

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Google SEO strategies: This course goes on sale regularly, sometimes for under $15. It covers everything you need to know about Google SEO. You will learn how to set up proper keyword research, how to find the right long tail keywords, how to include them in your post, and many more tips to rank on Google. Since taking the course I have seen an increase in pageviews from Google.

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