Build the Basics

21-Day Beginner Workout Plan:

  • Build basic foundation of balance,
  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • 3 weeks, 3 workouts per week
  • Progressive exercising
  • Prepares for other workouts
  • At home
  • Great for beginners, after injury, or sedentary lifestyle

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What is the best workout plan for a beginner?

In my opinion, a beginner should start working out by focusing on strength endurance and functional training.

This means including strength exercises that represent daily activities such as pushing, pulling, pressing, squatting, and hinging.

These are exercises we perform in daily life, and incorporating them into your workout can help minimize the risk of injury in everyday activities.

I also recommend incorporating a good stretching routine and balance exercises. Increasing flexibility will, in turn, help you build strength.

Balance is also crucial for daily tasks and injury prevention.

If you’re interested in improving your cardio, there is a walking challenge in the app as well!

What do I need for the Beginner Workout Plan?

You will need a sturdy chair and a resistance band. A yoga mat and gym ball are optional.

There are usually three strength levels for resistance bands: easy, medium, and hard. I suggest starting with the easy level if you are a beginner. If it becomes too easy, switch to the next level to increase intensity.

You can also go through the program multiple times, each time using the next level of resistance band!

What is the workout time for this beginner plan?

The workout time depends on how quickly you do the exercises and how long you pause. It usually takes between 15-30 minutes.

I suggest doing each repetition with a slow tempo so you can focus on proper form. You don’t need to take breaks between sets.

beginner workout plan week 1 infographic.

Is this beginner exercise plan for weight loss?

This beginner workout plan would be the perfect start to any fitness routine and can be a part of a weight loss plan.

In my opinion, a workout plan is essential for a weight loss program, but it is not enough for successful weight loss in itself. It has also been shown that physical activity is even more important in weight maintenance compared to the weight loss phase.

So, it’s a great idea to incorporate exercise not just for weight loss but also to improve overall health, energy, and to feel more confident in everyday challenges.

This workout will help you get started and build a good foundational base in functional fitness.

beginner workout plan week 2 infographic.

What if this is too easy for me?

If you feel like this is too easy, I suggest moving to the next level of resistance band. If you have been using the easy level, move to the medium level and go through the program. You can also start using dumbbells.

Be sure to move through the exercises slowly and focus on engaging all muscles, as this will make it a bit harder but also more effective.

beginner workout plan week 3 infographic.