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25+ Dinner Recipes under 500 Calories and under 30 Minutes

25+ dinner recipes under 500 calories and under 30 minutes. Fast and healthy meals for weight loss and fitness.

If you are counting calories right now to lose weight I have a list of 300 calorie breakfast ideas and 300 calorie lunch ideas. These lists will help you to build your healthy meal plan.

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My favorite dinner recipes under 500 calories is definitely #19 Sushi Bowl. Which recipe do you like the most? Let me know in the comments!

I love number 19 of these 25+ dinner recipes under 500 calories and 30 minutes. There are some dinner recipes under 20 minutes and they all are great options if you are trying to lose weight but need fast and healthy dinner recipes


25+ Dinner Recipes under 500 Calories and under 30 Minutes

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#1 20 Minute Fajita Burrito Bowl (V&GF)

These 20 minute fajita burrito bowls are vegan, gluten free, and the perfect quick dinner! Filled with plant based protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, and flavor, these are perfect for a satisfying meal.


#2 One Pot Bruschetta Chicken Pasta

Just one pot, 30 minutes and 350 calories per servings for this amazing Bruschetta Chicken Pasta!


#3 Thai Sweet Chili Salmon Soba Noodles

In need of a super simple 20-minute, healthy fuss-free meal? Look no further, it really does not get better than this bowl of Thai Sweet Chili Salmon Soba noodles right here. It’s packed with healthy proteins, fats and fiber and it’s completely dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free.

#4 Sweet and Sour Shrimp Bowl

Sweet and Sour Shrimp Bowl – a tangy sweet sauce with pineapple, peppers, onions and snap peas over light and fluffy rice.  A family friendly meal even your pickiest eaters will love! 427 kcal per bowl and 21 minutes total cooking time.


#5 Miso Zucchini Noodles

Summery, light, healthy & delicious Miso Zucchini Noodles. Ready from start to finish in under 15 minutes & no cooking required!

#6 Turkey Patties with Avocado & Spaghetti Squash

These turkey patties are super juicy because the avocado adds moisture, and the spaghetti squash is a perfect low carb substitute for a burger bun. Only 261 kcal per serving.


#7 Creamy Parsnip Soup

This soup is so very luscious. Dried thyme and bay leaves, along with sautéed garlic and onion make this soup extra flavorful.

#8 Pork Chops with Apple-Sage Sauce

Sage and apple are a perfect pairing in this quick, easy and delicious pork chop dinner than can be made in under 30 minutes

#9 SAUTÉED HOISIN ORANGE CHICKEN: A Healthy 20 minute Dinner

Orange and hoisin flavours wed to create a mouth watering, quick and easy chicken dish.

#10 Easy and Fresh Tomato Soup

This easy tomato soup is made out of fresh tomatoes and is a healthy, low calorie dinner idea.

#11 Honey-Lime Roasted Sheet Pan Salmon and Vegetables

This Honey-Lime Roasted Sheet Pan Salmon and Vegetables Recipe is an easy and delicious weeknight meal! This quick and simple meal has tons of flavor and healthy ingredients like red and yellow bell peppers, bok choy, fresh lime juice, and garlic.

#12 Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Chicken (Paleo, Low Carb)

This creamy sun-dried tomato chicken skillet is a perfect low carb, paleo dinner that’s on the table in under 20 minutes. With 300 calories per serving you can add 2 oz. of (uncooked) pasta (per serving) to make a 500 calorie dinner.

#13 Simple Shrimp & Cauliflower Mash

Simple Shrimp & Cauliflower Mash, it takes about 20 minutes to make and is full of healthy ingredients.

#14 Healthy Avocado Pesto Recipe with Spaghetti

You only need a small amount of the avocado pesto to cover the spaghetti. Healthy dinner recipe under 500 calories and under 15 minutes PLUS it is only a $1.15 per plate!

#15 Healthy Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe

With only 250 calories per serving you can enjoy 2 servings or serve 1 chicken breast with a side to make a 500 calorie dinner.

#16 Quinoa Bean Burgers

A burger under 500 calories? Whaaaaat? YES, it it is true! You can find the recipe over at champagne-tastes.com

#17 Fiesta Chicken Rice Bowls

These Fiesta Chicken Rice Bowls are an amazing weeknight dinner that’s ready in just 20 minutes, and refrigerate well for your weekly meal prep!


#18 Smothered Creamy Skillet Chicken

With only 300 calories per serving you can add 2 oz. of (uncooked) pasta per serving to make it a 500 calorie dinner.

#19 Shrimp Dynamite Sushi Bowls (Video!)

These Shrimp Dynamite Sushi Bowls with pickled ginger are a healthy 20-minute dinner idea that’s a play on your favourite sushi roll – no special tools or skills required!

#20 Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner with Green Beans and Feta

This Greek Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner with Green Beans and Feta Recipe will have your mouth watering… with garlic, green beans, diced tomatoes, baby yellow potatoes, lemon juice and feta cheese.



This pasta recipe can be eaten cold and warm and is very easy to prepare. It also offers a variety of possibilities as you can switch for any veggie you like or other fish. Done in 20 minutes!


#22 Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas

With only 180 calories per serving you can eat the shrimp fajitas in a tortilla wrap, taco or add a salad.


#23 Chicken Caprese Zoodle Bowl

Chicken Caprese Zoodle Salad. Spiralized zucchini, fresh tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, chicken and balsamic glaze pair perfectly and make a great dinner recipes under 500 calories.


#24 Dandelion Salad with Eggs and Bacon

Make a Dandelion Salad with Eggs and Bacon for an easy and light dinner!

#25 Turkey Lettuce Wraps

These turkey taco lettuce wraps are the yummiest clean eating recipe ever!  Low-carb and gluten-free, they are so crunchy, fresh and delicious!

#26 Cauliflower Alfredo

The best low calorie version of a linguine Alfredo recipe! Only 300 calories per serving and done under 20 minutes.

#27 Healthy Zucchini Tortellini Bake

One serving of this recipes costs only $1, contains 400 calories, and fills you!

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