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21 Day Fix Hacks That Make Weight Loss Super Easy

21 Day Fix Hacks that make weight loss super easy. Simple tips and ideas to make the 21 day fix easier and successful with eating plans, recipes, clean eating meal plans, fitness tips, and more.

Are you planning to do the 21 day fix to lose weight fast? Are you confused about this diet plan or don’t know how to use the containers?

Starting a new diet can be hard. Figuring out the system, how to eat right, how to cook healthy, how the diet plan works, how to get results, and so on.

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I believe the biggest problem for many people who want to lose weight is meal planning. It can be time consuming, confusing, and seeing a high grocery bill can be very demotivating.

21 Day Fix Hacks that make weight loss super easy. Simple tips and ideas to make the 21 day fix easier and successful with eating plans, recipes, clean eating meal plans, fitness tips, and more.

Today I want to provide practical 21 day fix hacks to lower your grocery bill, help you lose weight fast on the program, save money and time, and provide you with great meal plan and recipe ideas.

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#1 Meal Plan

The biggest obstacle for many who want to do the 21 day fix is understanding and using the containers the right way. If you just go along with your day and check off each container, you will see that you have weird containers left at the end of the day and don’t know how to fill them.

To make the process less confusing, meal plan ahead of time. There are plenty of recipes online, but you can simply use the food list to make your plate. Write down the recipes you are going to make for dinner, then check off the tally sheet. Now make a plan for lunch and check off the containers on the tally sheet, then breakfast, and maybe snacks. If you see a container left, you can simply tweak the meal plan to make it fit.

Once you create the plan you can simply follow along during the week. This is one of my favorite 21 day fix hacks that makes weight loss super easy. After a few weeks of making the meal plans you can start reusing old ones and save even more time!

Check out: 21 day fix one pot meal prep: 8 meals under 45 minutes!

#2 Meal Prep

Once you have your meal plan and finish shopping, take an hour to chop your fruits and veggies, pre cook eggs, or whatever it is you are going to use every day. This way you have quick access to fruits and veggies as snacks. Here is a meal prep post about how I made 12 lunches (or dinners) in 1 hour that you can freeze (with container count).

#3 Make a Schedule

Schedule when to meal plan, when to grocery shop, when to meal prep, when to eat, and when to workout. Seriously, take out a paper and write down when you do each of these things. It will help you stay on top of things and make it so much easier to follow through with the 21 day fix.

When you meal plan, write down when you will have time to eat each meal and when you might have to pack it to go. This will help avoid running through the drive thru or buying junk food.

Also finding the best time to workout will help you stick to it. If the evening doesn’t work, try the morning. Your day will be much more successful when it is planned out and you have prepared yourself mentally.

#4 Think about the rest of your family

When you meal plan, always plan snacks and other foods that the rest of your family might want to eat. This way you get everything you need on your next trip to the store and you will avoid having to go back.

I like to use a family planner to keep track of all the meals I plan for everybody in the family and I always keep a stockpile grocery list on hand.

#5 Use the Vegan Food List

So many people who start with the 21 day fix complain about their grocery bill being more expensive because of the increased meat consumption and healthy food.

Another one of my favorite 21 day fix hacks is using the vegan food list. Black beans, for example, contain a high amount of protein and additional fiber that meat doesn’t have. So you can always fill your red container with beans and season them as you would season your meat. They are so much cheaper, filling, good for your stomach, and all around healthy.


Another tip to save money on the 21 day fix is to buy the produce on sale or the seasonal fruits and vegetables (for salads and meals). Other cheap protein options are eggs and yogurt.

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#6 Do it for free

You really don’t have to purchase the 21 day fix program. You can find great at home workouts on youtube and meal plans online. My 21 day fix meal plans are already measured out with all containers for the day and you can simply follow them with a normal measuring cup that you have at home. If you really like the idea of the containers to control your portions they are very affordable on Amazon HERE.

Here are some (non-vegan) meal plans to get started:

#7 When you go out to eat

Places with a buffet are always a good choice. You can add a lot of vegetables, legumes, meat, and go low in the starchy food (yellow container). When you go out to eat a burger or steak, always get the broccoli as a side instead of the fries.

Some places have a low calorie menu as well which you can choose from. A dinner should probably have around 500 calories. If you consume up to 800 you should be fine, but more than that will cut into your fast weight loss success. Remember, most full meals from restaurants are between 1200 and 1700 calories.

#8 Bump up your Category once a week

Most 21 day fix beginners start with plan A, the 1200-1400 meal plan, which will bring you the fastest results. Instead of a cheat day where you eat whatever, bump your caloric intake to the next plan for that day (1500-1800 calories). This will boost your metabolism and you will not mess up the effort you put in all week.

#9 Drink infused water and teas

Some people can lose up to 3 pounds a week just by drinking more water. This 21 day fix hack really works with any diet. Drink half of your body weight in ounces per day. You can add caffeine free teas, like fennel tea, chamomile, rooibos (my favorite), and others. Or create your fruit infused water to add some taste. I like to add lemons to my water.

To stay on top of my water intake I bought a 32 oz. bottle and fill it twice a day. This way I know if I had enough or not. I always add a glass of water to my meals. Depending on how much you are supposed to drink, you can get the right sized bottle and note how often to refill it per day.

#10 Don’t do cardio in the first 3-6 days

Changing your diet to a clean, low calorie diet will be hard in the first few days. You might not like how the healthy food tastes and you might experience cravings and hunger.

I promise this will go away and you will train your body to actually like healthy of food. Your stomach will get used to the portion sizes and the hunger feeling will reduce without being malnourished.

Cardio training makes you hungry and therefore you will crave carbs. So I suggest sticking with the weight training videos in the first few days to get your body used to the new eating plan. If you already feel hungry because of the reduced portion size and then add cardio training it can become too hard very quickly.

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Helpful Weight Loss Resources:

Cronometer.com:  This is a free tool that will help you track your food intake and calories. Cronometer also shows you all the vitamins and minerals you consume which is great to make sure there are no deficiencies.

The vegan quick start guide:  This guide will give you easy recipes under 30 minutes to start a vegan diet without feeling overwhelmed. All recipes are low fat and budget friendly. The guide contains a example meal plan with a rundown of the nutritional value plus many health and weight loss/muscle gain tips.

From A to Vegan: If you want to go all in, I highly recommend this comprehensive vegan starter kit to learn everything about a healthy, balanced vegan diet. It will help you with weight loss, more energy, and all around better health. It comes with recipes, meal plans, printables, tracking sheets, and more. You can head over to get more information here.

Vegan weight loss guide: Based on scientific methods that reverse and prevent common diseases, this guide will help you lose weight and find a healthy lifestyle in a non-restricting way. It provides vegan recipes that fuel and fill you, promote weight loss, without counting calories or starving. See what’s all included here.

At Home Workouts: Cardio workouts and light weight training are great to lose body fat, burn more calories, and feel better all together. If you don’t know where to start I personally enjoy the workouts from Beachbody. I stream their workouts and simply pick the one for my needs. I have been doing their workouts for years now and it is the easiest way to include fitness into a busy lifestyle. For cardio workouts I suggest Hip Hop Abs (dancing)21 Day Fix (for anyone), or YouV2 (beginner, or elderly).


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