10 Minute Cardio Workout At Home

Searching for a quick cardio workout that can be done in the comfort of your home?

If you can’t commit to the gym, aren’t taking classes, or don’t want to invest in a cardio workout machine, there are easy options to get a cardio workout done at home without spending extra money.

This 10-minute at home cardio workout is super easy and you can do it in your living room or outside in the fresh air. You don’t need any equipment, except a yoga mat or towel if you wish.

You can do these cardio exercises whether you’re a beginner or advanced with your workout routines. It is a great way to get a quick cardio session in, or can be used to get started with cardio exercise.

The at home cardio exercises below can be done in different intervals. If you are a beginner, start by doing each exercise for 20 seconds, then pause for 40 seconds. If that seems too easy for you, increase to 30 second exercise and 30 second pause.

Keep increasing the exercise time and decreasing the rest time over time to improve your endurance. You can do this weekly by 5 second increments.

There are 5 at home cardio exercises below that each take one minute. Do them all once and you have a 5 minute workout.

This is a great option for a warm up routine. Do the workout twice and you have a 10-minute cardio workout. Repeat the routine as much as you like to increase exercise time and improve your endurance.

This cardio routine can be adjusted to your needs and lifestyle!

#1 Time saving

Working out at home can save you time. There is no need for a commute to your next gym. Simply get dressed and get started.

You also have the opportunity to do a quick 10-minute workout at home. If you go to the gym, you always have to commit to hours for the car drive and class duration.

But at home, you can sneak in a 10 or 20 minute workout and save lots of time. This can increase the frequency of your workouts during the week!

#2 Save money

There are thousands of great workout routines on the internet. You can find instructional exercise videos on YouTube for any type of fitness!

Make a training plan and add different workouts every day. From yoga to HIIT, these are all free and therefore save you lots of money.

#3 Flexibilty

Besides saving time, you can also be more flexible throughout the day. Maybe you want to workout very early in the morning or late at night. Maybe you like to workout during lunch break. With at home workouts you don’t have to rely on gym hours.

You are also not forced to follow the speed of the gym class instructor and can go at your own pace during your home workout.

Lastly, you are not bound to one facility. You can do home workouts in your basement, in your garden, or even when you’re away in a hotel room.

Easy 10 Minute Cardio Workout At Home

I suggest writing down the interval seconds of your exercise and rest phase and how many sets you do (how often you go through the routine below). Then you can increase the workout time each week, if you would like.

Writing down your routine is a good idea to see progress and it will help you stay motivated. Don’t forget to stretch and drink plenty of water!

#1 Jumping Jacks

Stand straight with your feet together and hands hanging next to your body. Jump out and spread your legs shoulder width apart. While jumping, also raise your arms over your hands.

Your hands can touch each other above your head and your arms can be bent. Now jump back into starting position.

If this is too hard, move the arms as described but instead of jumping, tap out the right foot then the left foot with each arm raise.

#2 Mountain Climbers

Go into the plank position. Hands placed shoulder width apart and feet placed hip width apart. Keep a straight line from back to legs. Now move your right knee towards your chest and back.

Switch sides. Do this as fast as you would run.

#3 Jump Squats

Stand up with your feed hip-widths apart. Now push your hips back and down into a squat, moving the weight of your body to the heels.

From this position jump as fast as you can, then land back on your feet in the squat position. Swing your arms like shown in the image during your jump.

#4 High Knees

Place your feet hip width apart. Lift your right knee towards your chest then switch knees with a light hop. Move your arms along the side of your body for balance (see picture).

#5 Burpees

Place your feet shoulder width apart and move into a squat. Lower the hands to the floor and place them in front of your feet, shoulder width apart. Move your weight to your hands and jump back with your feet into a plank position, then do one pushup. Keep your whole body straight.

Jump your feet back forward right behind your hands then lift your upper body and jump up quickly. Land on your feet and move back into the squat to repeat.

If this is too hard, you can walk your feet back into a plank position, hold the plank for 5-10 seconds, then walk the feet back forward to perform the jump.

10 minute cardio workout at home. Quick home workout to burn calories and no equipment needed. Click through to find out how to do this cardio workout for beginners, intermediate, or advanced.

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