DIY Balayage Highlights At Home Tutorial. Cheap And Easy!

DIY Balayage highlights is easy to do at home and you safe a lot of money. Check out my step by step tutorial with before and after pictures

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How I found the DIY Balayage technique

With the weather being very hot and sunny i always get in the mood for some more BLOND. I tried some highlights but the problem was, that as i go, it would highlight the bottom layers very quickly and so i have super blond almost whitish highlights in my bottom layers and almost not noticeable highlights in my top layers.

Also the foil highlights that i did before were very hard to do. I was on Pinterest finding other techniques, when i saw the Balayage highlights. I really like the natural look. It is more like highlighted by the sun looking and also very easy because you don’t have to place them very exact and try to wrap them into a foil.
Another positive is, that the grown out roots don’t bother, it actually looks good! So easy applying, easy upkeep. No-brainer i wanted to try it!

Fixing the Problem

I went to Sally Beauty Supply and they gave me very good advice, which i will tell you here soon. I picked 2 (actually just needed 1 pack in the end, but better to have 2 just in case…) packs of Clairol Kaleidocolors Neutral Powder Lightener. The Clairol Kaleidocolors have 3 different blonde types. I chose the neutral color, which makes the highlights more of a caramel blond. With this you will need a cream developer to make it a creamy paste. I did not measure the developer, you just pour as much into the powder and stir until it is a nice cream.

If the consistency is more fluffy like a mousse au chocolat you can put a little bit more into it. But it should not be runny or dripping since you want to paint it onto you hair nicely.

Now to tackle the problem with the highlights in my bottom layers being much lighter: the awesome lady at the store gave me a cool trick.

I mixed the developer with the same amount of water and poured it into the color package. So you basically want 2 colors. One with just the cream developer plus highlighting powder and the second one with the developer/water mix and the powder.


The developer/water mix will highlight slower so you would start out with that one (lower head section) until you are halfway through and then switch to the faster developing highlighting cream.

DIY Balayage step by step tutorial

Before you start make sure you have everything you need on hand.


Then i sectioned my hair into 3 parts


After that i took strands out of each sections working my way from the bottom up.


You can watch a lot of techniques on YouTube. I did my hair kind of like this awesome lady did and you can also see in my pictures how it placed the highlights. The good thing about this type of highlighting is, that it does not have to be perfectly placed.

The lower back section i just pulled to the side.


And the upper back section i pulled up






I let it sit for 15 minutes and washed it out with a mild (Baby-) shampoo and a conditioner. That’s it!


I really like my end result and it was a lot cheaper (cost me less than 15$) than getting it done!

If you are brave enough you can head over to Amazon and find out more about the Clairol Professional Kaleidocolors that I used on my hair.

Have you tried DIY Balayage highlights at home before? Please feel free to comment or ask questions below! 


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