15 Butt Workouts: Exercises to lift and tone your buttocks

15 Butt Workouts: Exercises to lift and tone your buttocks. All workouts can be done at home and without equipment. 

Are you asking yourself “How can I lift and tone my buttocks?” 

Today I have 15 full workouts that will strengthen and tone your butt. You can do all workouts from home without any equipment. This post is filled with the best bum lifting exercises from 5 minute workouts to brutal booty workouts.

15 Butt Workouts: Exercises to lift and tone your buttocks. All workouts can be done at home and without equipment. This is great for weight loss too

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A few tips before you start you butt workouts:

If you are just beginning with a fitness routine start with a 5 minute workout (like #10) and build your way up. It is always a good idea to let your muscles rest for one day before another muscle building workout. On the rest day you can do a cardio recovery workout, or you can focus on another area (like abs or arms).

Make sure you stay hydrated during your workout and refuel your body with a good nutrition. Check out my 21 day fix 6-day meal plan for a protein rich – low carb diet.

Please be aware that these workouts are toning and will build your muscle. If you would like to reduce the size of your butt, you need to do more cardio than the butt exercises below. It is still a good idea to add some of these to your fitness routine if you would like to lose weight. A good slimming routine would be 3x a week cardio and 2x a week strengthening (exercises below).

Good cardio options are cycling, running, swimming and dancing. I love the workout “Booty Time” By Shaun T (which is included in the DVD set “Rockin’ Body”)

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Try the workouts now or PIN FOR LATER.

#1 30 Minute Circuit Booty Blast by Transformfitspo

#2 Brazilian Butt 30 Minute at Home Workout by Spotebi

#3 15 Minutes to Build That Booty by SEYITHAN BULANIK

#4 Victoria’s Secret Angel Butt Workout

#5 10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout At Home by Fitness Bleder

#6 30-Day Butt Lift Challenge by Femnique

#7 40 Minutes Silent Butt and Abs Workout

#8 Booty Building Workout by Christina Carlyle

#9 Booty Building Workout by Glistenfit

#10 Lift your Booty Workout

#11 Better than Spanx Butt Workout by Popsugar

#13 Grow your Butt at Home by Chloe Ting

#14 Brutal Booty at Home – 10 Minutes

#15 Brazil Butt Lift by Beachbody

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